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Official Group Photo – Launching of LKE Musang Queen – Phase 5: NanasX

YBhg. Dato’ Zahimi bin Hassan, Director-General of Agriculture (DOA) officiated the launch of LKE Musang Queen’s first Shariah-compliant durian partnership legacy program, titled – Phase 5: NanasX. As part of this program, LKE Group Sdn. Bhd. (LKE) has partnered with Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TARUC) to conduct research on the most effective science-based methods to grow and care for durian plants as an effort to uplift the industry and make Malaysia the ideal destination for durian exports globally. 

With a growing demand for premium durians, LKE Musang Queen allows partners to access the lucrative market in their 200-acre freehold land. The project is launched in a total of 20 phases, each with different land sizes and a variety of premium durians which are only made available to potential partners once the trees within the vicinity are planted for about 1-year or above and equipped with all the necessary infrastructure. This brings with it transparency, at the same time reducing risks taken by partners. 

Mr. Jeremy Chin, Co-Founder and Managing Director of LKE Group Sdn. Bhd.

As LKE Musang Queen launches Phase 5: NanasX, producing Blackthorn and Musang King durians across a 5-acre land, Mr. Jeremy Chin, Co-Founder and Managing Director of LKE Group Sdn. Bhd. announces the company’s commitment to exhibiting legitimacy by abiding by the Shariah law. He expressed saying, “At LKE, we have taken many steps to build credibility and transparency in our operations; abiding by the principles of Shariah is one of them. It is with great pride that I announce that LKE Musang Queen is now the first Shariah-Compliant Durian Partnership Legacy Program in Malaysia, adding yet another perk to being a partner.”

“We are constantly looking at bettering the future, as all of our projects put emphasis on sustainability and innovation. Another aspect that partners will benefit from the LKE Musang Queen project is the LKE Legacy Plan. Built on freehold lands, partners will be able to pass down their shares to their families to inherit the high returns over time,” he added. 

LKE has also revealed its collaboration with TARUC to conduct a research program using soil samples to study the effects of variables on the growth and health of the durian tree. Through this program, LKE intends to better understand the best scientific approach to growing and caring for durian trees and also hopefully uncover ground-breaking discoveries that will help grow the industry as a whole, so that Malaysia is able to effectively cater to the global market demand for durians, which is expected to reach USD30 billion by 2025. 

YBhg. Dato’ Zahimi bin Hassan, Director-General of Agriculture (DOA)

YBhg. Dato’ Zahimi bin Hassan, Director-General of Agriculture (DOA), commented saying, “I am confident and I believe that the adaptation of modern agricultural technology along this value chain can increase the productivity and quality of local durian fruit production for the global market. The approach implemented by LKE coincides with smart synergies to drive the development of a sustainable agricultural ecosystem through close cooperation between departments, institutions of higher learning, and the private sector that can maximize the economic sustainability value of the country’s agro-food sector.”

En. Muhammad Aiman Mohamad Salmi, Certified Shariah Advisor & Auditor (CSAA)

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