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LOCOA transdermal patch


Taisho Pharmaceutical has just launched LOCOA (Esflurbiprofen), a transdermal patch, to help osteoarthritis patients manage their pain and improve their daily lives. While there are many pain-relieving transdermal patches on the market, none are effective enough to treat osteoarthritic pain. This patch offers better tissue penetration for a more effective treatment.

Osteoarthritis is a common joint disease, occurring frequently in adults over the age of 45. Common symptoms include pain, stiffness, swelling in the joints, loss of muscle bulk, limb deformity, and grating or crackling sound or sensation. Now with LOCOA, aside from resting, physical therapy, or mechanical support devices, osteoarthritis patients have another option to use a patch daily to manage their pain.

LOCOA Product Shot

Developed and approved since 2016 in Japan, LOCOA® was made with the intention of giving osteoarthritis patients more options with their treatments. The main treatment of osteoarthritis is mainly to relieve the patient’s joint pain and inflammation, and to preserve their joint functions. Using LOCOA’s tape type feature with COX inhibition, they are able to target the joints and treat the condition effectively.

LOCOA transdermal patch on knee

Based on a study that was conducted over a 52-weeks treatment plan, LOCOA® is proven to be safe with minimal Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR).

Chief Operating Officer of HOE Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of Taisho Pharmaceutical Group, Mr. Tomoyuki Katsuta said: “We hope that patients who are on LOCOA will be able to live their day-to-day life close to normal again without having to bear much pain” during the launch in Kuala Lumpur. Mr. Tomoyuki Kasuta was also pleased that the launch of LOCOA® was in conjunction with World Arthritis Day – 12 October 2021.

LOCOA now can be found at all major pharmacies and healthcare facilities near you.


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