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Lukas J. Tan, Founder of Operion E-Commerce & Software Sdn. Bhd

Operion Ecommerce & Software Sdn Bhd (Operion), took home the Best SME: Solutions Provider in Software & Technology award at the Northern Edition: SME & Entrepreneurs Business Awards (SEBA).

The company was founded in 2007 by Mr. Lukas J. Tan, and for the last 16 years, Operion has perfected its approach to web designing, e-commerce, and software developments for over 50 different business sectors with the help of 30+ team members worldwide.  

Mr. Lukas J. Tan had a passion for programming since ten years old, as he grew up with family members in the mechanical industry where problem-solving, logistics, and numbers were what he was surrounded with on the daily.

E-Commerce Conference for SMEs in Penang, Malaysia.

After years of learning, the experience he gained when working with his family, and the motivation from his home environment, he finally took the step to open up his own company.  Their team consists of experts in the field of web development, software architectures, database design, and development work, where they work closely with their clients to meet their requirements.

Mr. Tan mentioned one of his biggest milestones was when he and his team moved out of his home office and into a new office building to further their company’s progress. From then on, Operion has continued doing wonders for its clientele. Although it started off strong, just like other businesses, Operion had its own hiccups which resulted in the organization hitting a pause on its operations and going through a complete revamp of the company in 2017. 

Despite the hiccups, Operion continued to push through and achieve many more milestones over the years. To name a few, Operion recently collaborated with Bernama to develop an internet business and marketing campaign for small and medium enterprises. 

Breakthrough Entrepreneurship at TARC, Penang.

They have also joined hands with Orix to promote a NASA app called ‘Startup Campaign’ to promote a passion for technology among budding developers. Not only that, Operion has collaborated with  32 universities in Malaysia  through various events to spread their knowledge regarding software development. 

When asked about challenges during the pandemic, Mr. Tan humbly said they were fortunate enough to be able to continue their operations as normal and they were able to solve problems that were in the way during those times.

Mr. Tan conveyed his gratitude for receiving the award by saying, “This SEBA award will help our business and our branding. It also helps us gain more recognition in different industries. This award is for my team as well, I hope this brings them motivation for us to keep growing together and achieve our goals.” 

E-Commerce conference in Segi College, Penang.

He also added that Operion is not limited to just Malaysia only but they have begun expanding into Singapore and  will soon start expanding into Cambodia to further their programming portfolio. Its main focus as of now is to expand into Southeast Asian Countries and be the top programming company in the future. 

Adding to what is expected of Operion in the future, industry players and the public can look forward to their involvement in a gaming project, which is set to be their biggest project to date. Besides their goals to claim the title of top programming company in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, Operion will continue to improve and thrive on the international stage. 

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