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Being the first mall in Malaysia to utilize the Internet of Toilet (IoT) system, Sunway Pyramid is now moving in a direction where various digitalization will be implemented to the mall to create a more efficient management system. This allows the IoT to deliver a more connected, seamless experience for both the users and supervisors alike. The IoT system helps the supervisors to control the cleaning performance, faulty equipment and breakdowns that may not be effectively communicated to technicians that will lead to an unhygienic and unpleasant toilet experience for the user. 

With the partnership with Rigel Technology, the IoT system was created to optimize the performance of commercial toilets by increasing its efficiency by utilizing a centralized IoT system through data collection. 

By advancing in digitalization, Sunway Pyramid is on a mission to maximize its workforce productivity by using the IoT mobile app to notify the cleaners to attend cubicles that require urgent attention in terms of cleanliness and replenishing the materials.

Jason Chin, General Manager of Sunway Pyramid shares, “Sunway has always been an advocate of smart cities and sustainable townships. Our venture into the IoT system complements this concept that encompasses a holistic vision, going beyond just being environmentally friendly. Another aspect is in elevating experiences for our customers, which translates to providing excellent facilities and high-performance facility management. That’s what we aim to achieve with IoT.”

Functions such as the overview of the toilet’s function and performance, monitoring of toilet consumables together with environmental monitoring such as air quality, temperature humidity, people counter and interactive feedback panel will all be provided with IoT.

“We recognize the need to constantly innovate to meet the demands of our customers. From Sunway Smart Parking to Customer Engagement Hub and Sunway eMalls, our journey in digitalization, innovation and technology has just begun,” Jason concludes.  

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