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The Miss International Malaysia pageant has strived to differentiate itself from other typical pageants via its activities that are specially-curated from the perspective of the promotion of tourism, arts and culture through fashion and beauty as contestants are tested to showcase their creativity in traditional dances, culinary arts and local fashion pieces to name a few. Throughout the competition, Malaysia’s diverse cultures, attractions, and landmarks were showcased through various segments, and posted on YouTube, allowing the world to follow the participants’ journeys more closely. MIM encouraged contestants to post their travelogues featuring Malaysia’s main attractions, promoting the country’s tourism to their followers and social media users worldwide.

Amidst the glamour and beauty, YBrs. Mr. Manoharan Periasamy, Senior Director, International Promotions (Asia/Africa) of Tourism Malaysia, takes the stage at the Miss International Malaysia Semenanjung 2023 Gala Night, emphasising the power of beauty and culture in uniting nations.

Mr. Manoharan Periasamy said in his speech, “The Miss International Malaysia Semenanjung 2023 is an extraordinary event that has the ability to elevate our nation to the global stage while empowering women to realise their true potential. It proves to be a vital ally in achieving this aspiration as the contestants, hailed from different parts of the country, share their unique customs and traditions, painting a vivid tapestry of Malaysia’s cultural diversity. As a result, through beauty and fashion, this cultural exchange would provide a boost for the tourism industry as visitors flock into the country to witness firsthand Malaysia’s vibrant festivals, diverse cuisine, and enchanting customs at the international grand finals.”

As part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative and its contribution to UNSDG’s Zero Hunger goal,the  MIMS organizations and its fifteen (15) finalists collaborated with SunStrong Sdn. Bhd and its association, the Love Life Association by supplying daily food necessities for underprivileged children homes including the Ti-Ratana Welfare Society. The initiative conforms with SunStrong’s vision to “Let the world have more joy and happiness because of our existence,” its mission to “Provide Quality & Meaningful Products That Resonate with Positive Energy,” and overall corporate values of “Breaking Through, Helping Others Succeed, and Sharing Positivity,” which is also its sole focus when deciding in suitable movie investments and valuable event sponsorships. 

Radiating confidence and inspiration, Miss Kimberly Lee, State Director of Miss International Malaysia, takes the stage to deliver a powerful speech that echoes the spirit of empowerment and celebrates the beauty of inner strength.

Kimberly Lee, State Director of Miss International Malaysia added, “We take immense pride in providing comprehensive training to these beautiful inside out women, encompassing essential hard and soft skills, such as women entrepreneurship and fostering a spirit of compassion, empathy, and community engagement, throughout the duration of the Miss International Malaysia Semenanjung competition. This endeavour stands as a testament to the notion that women can harmoniously embody both elegance and intellect, exemplifying not only their physical beauty, but also their unwavering dedication and innovative mindset.”

The diverse judging lineup for MIMS 2023 consisted of representatives from the entertainment industry, esteemed individuals, and former beauty pageant titleholders to contribute to fair and comprehensive evaluations. Among them were Jment Lim, the MD of Sunstrong Entertainment;  Kashfi Zulkufli, Celebrity Fashion Designer and CEO of Kashfi Zulkufli Holdings Sdn. Bhd.; Cindy Po, Artist & Actress; Chong Keat Aun, Film Director,  Performing Artist and Broadcaster; Charmaine Chew Qi En, Miss International Malaysia 2019-2021 and Giselle Tay Xin Heng, Miss International Malaysia 2022.

Crowned with grace and crowned with pride, Ashlyn Ooi Tze Yini shines as the victorious Winner of Miss International Malaysia Semenanjung 2023, proving that dreams know no limits. A beacon of beauty and empowerment, ready to make a difference on the global stage.

The winner of Miss International Malaysia Semenanjung 2023 received an honorary one year ambassadorship contract with Sunstrong Sdn. Bhd along with an immunity pass to be used in the next Miss International Malaysia pageant. A memorandum of understanding (MOU) signing ceremony between the winner of Miss International Malaysia Semenanjung 2023 and Jment Lim, the MD of Sunstrong Entertainment, Sunstrong Entertainment was held in a press conference after the gala dinner ended to formalise her journey with the entertainment company.

Miss International Malaysia which will be held on 10th September 2023 aims to produce a beauty queen who not only comes with the looks, but also intellect, who can serve as an inspiration on the world stage. The pageant also aims to boost tourism in Malaysia in the long term by establishing positive international connections, particularly with Japan, through charity programs, business, education and other avenues as the winner of MIM will be representing Malaysia at Miss International in Japan.

MIMS 2023 is organised by the Miss International Malaysia organisation with SunStrong Entertainment as the Title Presenter and OE Resort as the Venue & Hotel sponsor for the upcoming MIMS 2023 activities, together with the following sponsors and partners: 

  • OE Resort – Gold Sponsor 
  • One Hair Design Centre – Gold Sponsor 
  • Mysac Luxury – Gold Sponsor 
  • The M∙A∙C∙ Clinic- Gold Sponsor 
  • TKL Investments LLC – Silver Sponsor 
  • BCM Alliance Berhad – Silver Sponsor 
  • Mummy Chew Kuey Teow Goreng – Silver Sponsor
  • Citadels Horizon Productions – Silver Sponsor 
  • Raytech Films Malaysia – Entrepreneur Sponsor
  • Global Creative Media Agency (GCMA) – Official PR Agency

Find the full list of winners here:

Winner of Miss International Malaysia Semenanjung 2023 Ashlyn Ooi Tze Yini
1st Runner-Up Cassandra Yap Jie Ying
2nd Runner-Up Renee Loh Sze Ni
3rd Runner-Up Christina Lee Mun Khei
4th Runner-Up Rebekah Yap Yen Teng
Miss Photogenic Renee Loh Sze Ni
Miss Talent  Cassandra Yap Jie Ying
Miss Prestige Christina Lee Mun Khei
Miss Popular Karin Beh Yi Wen
Miss Personality Angel Chen Yi An
Miss Body Beautiful Cassandra Yap Jie Ying
Miss Blossom Queen Ashlyn Ooi Tze Yini
Miss BCM Charlotte Soh Yun Fei
Miss Friendship Cassandra Yap Jie Ying
Miss Virtuous Charlotte Soh Yun Fei
Miss Crowning Glory Cassandra Yap Jie Ying

For more information on MIMS 2023, kindly visit: https://www.instagram.com/missinternationalmalaysia/ 

For more information on SunStrong Entertainment, kindly visit: ​​https://www.sunstrongentertainment.com/ 

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