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MamyPoko and the Department of Social Welfare (JKM) announced a collaboration to support families living in high-risk dengue neighborhoods with the #MamyPokoAgainstDengue campaign. On 3 August 2023, MamyPoko and JKM announced during World Mosquito Day their initiative to raise awareness of mosquito-borne diseases. 

Eiji Yoshida, Managing Director of Uni-Charm Group Malaysia and Singapore (the MamyPoko distributor) said “MamyPoko is committed to assisting parents in relishing the journey of watching their children grow up in good health. Given the growing apprehension regarding dengue, this campaign aims to alleviate concerns and address urgent dengue issues, particularly within the vulnerable community. We aim to provide parents with peace of mind, knowing that their precious little ones are shielded from the threat of dengue fever.” 

The campaign aligns with their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative and aims to distribute 1,500 packs of MamyPoko ANTIMOS Pants to communities in the Klang Valley and Johor area that are unable to purchase the pants with ease. PPR Seri Pahang, PPR Seri Pantai, and PPR Desa Rajang, along with several other PPR communities across the country will benefit from this initiative. To add on, the initiative extended its support to the residents by organizing community clean-up activities aimed at dispersing the breeding sites of mosquitoes in the neighborhood. 

JKM holds MamyPoko Malaysia in high regard for their efforts in organizing the #MamyPokoAgainstDengue campaign focused on helping those in more urban communities living with the burden of high living costs and raised prices of essential goods due to inflation. The campaign has one goal, to protect families especially those with young children from the persistent threat of dengue. JKM welcomes corporate and private sector companies to join the department in conducting more CSR initiatives or programs to aid those under JKM’s care throughout Malaysia. 

Dr. Yong Junina Fadzil, Consultant Paediatrician and Pediatric Cardiologist highlighted “Given the increasing prevalence of dengue, parents have valid concerns. According to data from the National Dengue Surveillance System, children aged 0-15 years are highly susceptible to severe dengue and its complications such as dengue shock syndrome. It is crucial for us to maintain vigilance for dengue symptoms, particularly severe dengue which often manifests after the fever subsides.”

Mira Filzah, MamyPoko brand ambassador and local celebrity, shared her personal concerns regarding her son’s safety “Every parent’s ultimate goal is to ensure the well-being of their children and provide them with the utmost protection in all aspects of life. With Mamypoko ANTIMOS Pants, the lemongrass scent proves highly effective in repelling mosquitoes for extended periods. It genuinely brings me peace of mind, knowing that my child possesses an additional layer of defense against mosquito bites.” 

Not only do the MamyPoko ANTIMOS Pants offer long-lasting protection against mosquitoes after 8-hour wear, but it is also enriched with natural lemongrass extract. With internationally designed technology from Japan’s Patented Technology and Big DRY Zone+, the pants have high absorbency and ensure dryness for up to 10 hours which is beneficial to many babies and young children. All this leads to peaceful sleep for both mother and child, optimum comfort, and uninterrupted play time all while protected from mosquitoes. 

Fadzil also mentioned lemongrass extract has been researched and shown to be used in products to repel mosquitoes such as sprays, candles, patches, and lotion and recently incorporated in diapers. The MamyPoko ANTIMOS Pants is an alcohol-free, natural alternative and offer a safe option to repel mosquitoes without using chemical-based repellents commonly found in spray bottles. 

All preventative measures should be taken when ensuring the safety of a child. Although there are multiple tools and technology to repel mosquitos, parents must always take preventative measures to protect their families. Closing the doors and windows, wearing long-sleeved clothing outdoors, and clearing the surrounding areas where mosquitoes would breed will eliminate more than half of the chance for mosquitoes to breed nearby.

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