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Group Photo at the Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur

Dato’ Sri Megat D. Shahriman Dato Zaharudin, the Chef de Mission for Malaysian Paralympic Contingent to Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games and President of Paralympic Council of Malaysia (PCM) thanked NEUTROVIS for their generous support given to Paralympic Games Contingent. 

In a gathering held today at the Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur, NEUTROVIS presented PCM with a mock cheque, contributing a total of 250,000 pieces of Premium Medical Face Masks (worth RM175,000). These face masks will be distributed to OKU communities in the states that the 22 athletes that represented Malaysia originated from, as well as 25 national associations that are affiliates of PCM. Each of the athletes will be given a specific promo code in which they will distribute to groups of people with disabilities from their originating states. Upon completing their orders with that promo code, the NEUTROVIS team will have the face masks delivered right to their doorstep. 

In doing so, PCM and NEUTROVIS embed the “Mask On, Spread Hope” message within the OKU community, constantly reminding them to protect themselves and their loved ones by not only wearing effective face masks but also making certain that the masks are worn properly. The COVID-19 situation in Malaysia is still at a critical stage and will keep rising if Malaysia does not work together to put this to an end. The participating parties are determined to do their part in ensuring a safe environment for the entire nation while giving priority to those that are underprivileged or in need of help. The mask is a symbol of hope and a lasting impression that one day the pandemic will come to an end. 

Abdul Latif Romly, two-time Paralympics Gold Medalist

Present at the gathering today were Men’s long jump T20 gold medalist Abdul Latif Romly and Men’s 100m T36 sprinter Mohamad Ridzuan Mohamad Puzi. Abdul Latif Romly expressed that he was proud to bring the gold medal home, and even more so to be able to help the OKU community in Malaysia. The two-time gold medalist said that self-discipline is the key to becoming a legend; he works hard each day and arrives early at the training facility to gives it his all. This amount of conditioning and dedication brought him the successes that he has achieved today. 

Dato Sri Megat D Shahriman Dato Zaharudin, the Chef de Mission for Malaysian Paralympic Contingent: Mohamad Ridzuan Mohamad Puzi, National Para Athlete; First Admiral Dato’ Subramaniam Raman Nair, Secretary-General of PCM; Abdul Latif Romly, two-time Paralympics Gold Medalist; Zayn Puah, Managing Director of Maystar Beauty (NEUTROVIS Brand Owner)

Mohamad Ridzuan Mohamad Puzi added saying that this initiative to protect the OKUs is an important one as the entire community pays extra attention to their health conditions and always does their best to avoid any sickness or diseases. They are certain that the OKU community would be ecstatic to receive the Premium Medical Face Masks. 

NEUTROVIS has been one of the earliest Rakan Sukan Para to step forward to provide support to PCM for the Mission to Tokyo. NEUTROVIS provided the athletes with Premium Medical Face Masks to be always worn during the stay for the games. Our athletes were also given masks to be distributed to fellow international athletes to promote safety, diversity, and hope at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. These masks were well received by the sports fraternity at the Games Village as it was compulsory for all to always wear masks in the presence of others. 

Karyn Koay, Public Relations Director of Maystar Beauty (NEUTROVIS Brand Owner) & Abdul Latif Romly, two-time Paralympics Gold Medalist promoting safety, diversity, and hope to safeguard the OKU community

In addition, our Paralympians were also given specially designed casual wear t-shirts designed to commemorate the games. They were worn during non-competitive rest times in Tokyo. NEUTROVIS also took the initiative to sell these t-shirts and all proceeds from the sales of these shirts amounting to RM 17,168 were given to PCM as a gesture of appreciation for assisting in our para sports heroes to compete at the Tokyo Games. 

Apart from the masks given before the games, NEUTROVIS also stepped up again to recognise all participants and medal winners with another donation of face masks. NEUTROVIS hopes these masks will be distributed by the athletes and PCM to all associated families and members to continue the habit of taking preventive measures to combat COVID-19 Pandemic.

In total, NEUTROVIS has contributed a total of RM250,000 thus far as part of their CSR efforts to support PCM and the national para athletes in forms mask donations, marketing, ambassadorship, video production, upfront costs for fundraisers, and more, since their departure to the Tokyo mission.

Dato’ Sri Megat D. Shahriman, said, “I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to NEUTROVIS for the inspiring act of kindness toward our Paralympians. It is a great honor to be a part of this movement and to lead this initiative to greater lengths by distributing these masks to international para-athletes as a sign of hope. This gesture by NEUTROVIS is a positive sign that the corporate sector is sensitive to the needs of the society has opened new avenues for both parties to work together to bring about better hopes for the 15% of our society who are in the group of persons with disability.”

Zayn Puah, Managing Director of Maystar Beauty (NEUTROVIS Brand Owner) thanking Abdul Latif Romly, two-time Paralympics Gold Medalist, for his dedication to the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games

Zayn Puah, Managing Director of Maystar Beauty Sdn Bhd (NEUTROVIS brand owner), said, “We are honored to be given this opportunity to support our local athletes and safeguard the OKU community. We are inspired by people with disabilities because they exemplify what it means to thrive in the midst of adversity as many of them struggled, yet triumphed through hardship. I believe that the OKU community is to be made an example for everyone to follow. Able-bodied people are struggling to make ends meet during this pandemic; I could only imagine how much harder it must be for those with disabilities, yet they do not give up. It is truly uplifting, and I believe Malaysia should take them as exemplary role models as we face COVID-19 each day. Let us all restore hope back into the lives of our family and friends by pushing forward collectively and never giving up. The end to the pandemic will not come overnight, nor will it come within the fourth night; but by standing together and complying with the SOPs, I am certain that we will see the light at the end of the tunnel soon enough.”

In honor of the OKU community across Malaysia, and celebration of the successful Para-athlete contingent of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, PCM, and NEUTROVIS jointly displayed their commitment to empowering the OKU Community by launching an awareness video in collaboration with TOP 100 Legends (producer of the CSR video documentary). The public broadcast key messaging displays the inspiring nature of the Para-athletes to keep pushing forward no matter what. Their determination and perseverance should be made an example of by many. As such, the video was uploaded on NEUTROVIS’ YouTube page to remind everyone to never give up, especially during this pandemic. Kindly refer to this link to watch the video: 

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