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Amira Othman’s new single – Tragedi

Amira Othman, widely known for her hit song – ‘Surat Akhir’ that was released earlier this year, has now launched yet another single entitled ‘Tragedi’ which has been chosen as the official original soundtrack (OST) for Astro’s latest horror drama series ‘Malaysian Ghost Stories’.

 The horror-themed drama series will start airing on 25th August every Monday to Thursday at 11:00 pm. It consists of 48 episodes showcasing real-life supernatural experiences by Malaysia’s big names such as Ara Johari, Janna Nick, Zahiril Adzim and others.

The singer rose to fame after starring in the hit drama series ‘Abang Bomba I Love You’ alongside popular actor, Hisyam Hamid. She started her journey into the music industry through the singing competition Akademi Fantasia season-10 in 2013. But it was her single ‘Hati-hati’ that catapulted her career as a mainstream singer, thus creating more opportunities for her as an artiste.

“The song which was originally produced back in 2011 had to be re-recorded because of the difference in my tone. So my management decided we should re-do everything and it was completed last May. It didn’t take long for me to record the song because I already knew it by heart, after all the song holds a sentimental value since it’s the first song I ever made,” Amira Othman said. 

Amira Othman

She added saying that the MCO has brought many opportunities including multiple brand ambassadorships that kept her occupied during the pandemic. She urged everyone to lend a hand to those in need and try to reach out to family and friends or even acquaintances who are going through a hard time. Then Amira concluded by saying that she hopes that her fans will enjoy listening to Tragedi and not get too ‘spooked’ out by it. 

Tragedi is available for download on iTunes Store and as a caller ringtone from all major telecommunication service providers and could be easily streamed and enjoyed through various music-streaming portals such as Apple Music, Spotify, Joox, YouTube Music, KKBox and Deezer, while the official lyric video is available for viewing exclusively on the Rocketfuel Network YouTube channel.

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