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MILO® Nutri Breakfast - Banana & Seeds
MILO® Nutri Breakfast – Banana & Seeds

MILO® introduces the all-new MILO® Nutri Breakfast featuring the first-ever MILO® instant oatmeal. Being rich in iron, fiber, calcium, and Vitamin D, the MILO® Nutri Breakfast promotes and maintains a healthy digestive system as it contains real pieces of fruits and seeds, imported oats, and the iconic choco-malt taste that is beloved by Malaysians.

"Start your day right with Milo" oatmeal bowl
“Start your day right with Milo” oatmeal bowl

The MILO® instant oatmeal is currently available in two variants – Banana and Seeds. The Banana variant comes with banana pieces, while the Seeds variant incorporates sunflower and pumpkin seeds. MILO® Nutri Breakfast also meets the Healthier Choice Logo criteria by the Ministry of Health as it is lower in total sugars and fat while higher in fiber in comparison to other products. 

Preparation instructions inside the box
Preparation instructions inside the box

“We are excited to introduce for the very first time MILO® in the form of delicious oatmeal, the goodness and familiar taste of which you can savor with every bite. We are especially proud of MILO® Nutri Breakfast as it is part of our efforts to deliver the goodness of MILO® to Malaysians through a nutritious, energy-charged breakfast,” said Ng Su Yen, Business Executive Officer – MILO® Business Unit, Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad.

Preparing the MILO® Nutri Breakfast is as easy as mixing a quarter cup of hot water with a sachet of MILO® Nutri Breakfast, allowing for a hassle-free oatmeal breakfast that is energizing and nourishing. MILO® Nutri Breakfast is available for purchase at stores, Shopee and Lazada. Visit for more information on MILO® Nutri Breakfast.

MILO® Nutri Breakfast Set
MILO® Nutri Breakfast Set

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