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HERSTORY and Universal Music Malaysia team group photo

Diana Danielle, YANA, Je Pong and Goh Liu Ying were invited to be the campaign ambassador for “HERSTORY Health & Wellness Day” as a movement to raise awareness on women’s health and daily care issues. As a public message to remind women how important their health and daily care is, the organizer has set the core message – “Love, Care & Speak”, encouraging women to be brave in facing any female illness without feeling ashamed by it. 

Composed by Golden Melody Award,  the launch of the HERSTORY awareness campaign debuted the “Herstory” song by Universal Music Malaysia, in collaboration with: 

  • Diana Danielle
  • YANA
  • Je Pong
  • Keon Chia
  • Euywein Yong
  • Inch Chua
  • SHIO
  • Hanz Koay

Allen Beh, Organizing Committee Chairman of HERSTORY

Allen Beh, Organizing Committee Chairman of HERSTORY, stated that “ As we were researching the data, we found a very alarming data related to women’s diseases. We felt that this was something we needed to focus on, so with active discussion and preparation by the team, we came up with the awareness campaign, “HERSTORY Health & Wellness Day”. We hope that this meaningful event will start in Malaysia and spread globally in the future.”

Ambassador Goh Liu Ying, national Olympic mixed doubles champion, also shared her personal experience on the requirement to be a national athlete on the international stage. She believes that It is important to have a good physical and mental condition will be a high priority for the athletes, especially during the competition period.

Allen Beh showed his gratitude towards Diana Danielle, YANA and Je Pong for participating in making the “Herstory” song. He believed that the contribution of the three singers had reaffirmed the significance of the event. Being a trilingual song, it coincided well with the main message of spreading “HERSTORY Health & Wellness Day” awareness through music. 

Dato’ (Dr) Calvin Khiu

In an interview with Diana Danielle and YANA on their thoughts about the campaign, Diana Danielle stated, “My main intention is to encourage women to have their regular check-ups regardless if it is about the deterioration of their mental or physical health. It is best to diagnose the issue at the early stage rather than finding it out on the alarming stage. Whenever we feel like something is not right with our body, we should take the initiative to listen to our body, hence, why it all relates back to the main message of the awareness ‘Love, Care & Speak’.“

From the left: Diana Danielle and YANA

YANA also shared her objective of participating in this awareness campaign which is to represent her age group and in doing so would educate the younger generation to be more knowledgeable on the importance of supplements and taking care of their bodies.

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