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The Perak Travel Fair (PTF) 2022 was initiated by the State Government of Perak and Tourism Perak at Setia City Mall in hopes to reignite the spark in the travelling industry. This platform allows the organizations in the Perak traveling sector to market and promote the products and services to the public in Klang Valley. With the theme of Eco-Tourism, Sekretariat Usahawan Perak (STEP) had come together with 16 tourism activists in Perak and 10 entrepreneurs in the food and handicraft in Perak as they attract more prospects to travel to Perak. 

Nurmalis Binti Musa, CEO of Tourism Perak

With the recent announcement on the reopening of the Malaysian Borders, the government hope to revivify the tourism sector in Malaysia after receiving a huge economic backlash from the pandemic.  During the three-day event, the launch of a data collecting application was introduced to record the of number tourists visiting Perak. Through the app, tourists can download a variety of vouches released by businesses in the Perak travelling industry. In conjunction with that, activities such as quizzes, traditional games, and cultural performances were part of the program to entertain visitors to the three-day convention.

YB Dato’ Nolee Ashilin binti Dato’ Mohamad Radzi, Chairman of the Perak State Housing

In addition, Perak Travel Fair had debuted the launch of the ‘Cintaku di Negeri Perak’ music video with the grace of YB Dato’ Nolee Ashilin binti Dato’ Mohamad Radzi, Chairman of the Perak State Housing.

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