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Milo recipes

In the spirit of Ramadan, Milo is offering all its nutritious goodness to help Malaysians stay energized throughout this blessed month. The iconic beverage contains malt, milk, and cocoa, with a blend of key vitamins and minerals that helps unlock energy from the food eaten, making it ideal for any Ramadan occasion to sustain and replenish energy.

Although unaware to many, Milo is a versatile beverage that can be fused with other nutritious ingredients, including kurma (dates). MILO has crafted recipes that include dates, bananas, grapes, and even smoothies, making it perfect for sahur, iftar or moreh. But of course, these recipe serves as a point of inspiration for consumers to create their own favorite combos.

Ng Su Yen, Business Executive Officer – MILO®, Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad

Ng Su Yen, Business Executive Officer – MILO®, Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad, said, “through our MILO® Raikan Kebaikan Ramadan campaign, we wish to continue championing Malaysians with our nutritious and delicious MILO® offerings, so that they can stay energized and keep going this Ramadan, no matter what they set out to achieve.”

During this festive season, Milo is inviting consumers to participate in the “MILO® Raikan Kebaikan Ramadan” contest by simply making a minimum purchase worth RM15 of any of their products using a single receipt. Winners are selected on a weekly basis, where 27,000 contestants will be rewarded with the weekly bonus prize of RM5 Touch ‘n Go Top-up Pin, while a set of the much-coveted Limited Edition MILO® Vintage Van Collectibles await 1,800 weekly winners.

On top of that, about 36 winners will take home the weekly grand prize of a set of MILO® Vintage Van 999 Pure Gold Bars worth RM11,000. Each set comes in four designs of the iconic MILO® vans throughout the decades. Those who purchase the MILO® 3-in-1, MILO® Less Sugar, MILO® Stik Pek, MILO® with Whole Grain Cereal, and MILO® Tin 1.5kg, will be allowed two entries to increase the chances of snatching the grand prize. Remember, there is no limit to the number of entries that one may submit, so go all out.

For the full terms and conditions, as well as MILO® recipe ideas for Ramadan, visit:

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