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Powered by Milwaukee-Eight 117 V-Twin engine, Street Glide ST and Road Glide ST are the two new touring models from Harley-Davidson that are expected to bring an elevated experience to riders during their rides. As it was unveiled on 26 January 2022 under the virtual launch of “Further and Faster”, Harley-Davidson authorized all dealerships across Malaysia to host an Open House on 9 and 10 April to introduce the new touring models that start at RM 85,900.

“Harley-Davidson has consistently delivered the highest standards in performance, engineering, and innovative technology, and the 2022 product line reflects this, defined by performance and style. With the Milwaukee-Eight 117 engine as a key highlight in the new models, the 2022 models are optimized for power and performance, promising an unforgettable ride that is uniquely Harley-Davidson,” said Sajeev Rajasekharan, Managing Director, Asia Emerging Markets & India at Harley-Davidson.

Milwaukee-Eight 117 V-Twin Engine

While the engine clocks at 117 cubic inches of displacement and 127 lb. ft. of torque at 3750 RPM, this Harley-Davidson powertrain is the highest displacement and torque available from a factory-installed Harley-Davidson powertrain as compared to the regular-production. 

Street Glide ST Model

Being paired with the Milwaukee-Eight 117 powertrain, this Harley-Davidson model features dark-and-bronze finishes. The iconic Harley-Davidson batwing fairing provides a split stream vent for the riders to enjoy a minimal head buffeting while having a low-profile dark windshield. The tank console with side fuel fill which comes with a low-profile engine guard, adds on its own unique style as it is designed to be different from other Touring models. 

Road Glide ST Model

Even with the mighty Milwaukee-Eight 117 V-Twin Engine, the Road Glide ST does not come short when it comes to providing a sleek look while showcasing the power of the Screamin’ Eagle Factory championship-winning race bike. The carefully designed aerodynamic shark nose Road Glide fairing, allow the rider to experience triple slipstream venting to limit head buffeting. With it being a solo seat rider, it exposes the rear fender to add a purposeful attitude to the bike while having a well-trimmed front fender. To match the sleek look of the bike, the front end, controls, powertrain, and exhaust contrast were made into a blacked-out concept while having bright pushrod tubes and tappet covers, and machined cylinder fins.

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