by Lisa Heykal
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When Halloween weekend approaches, so does the Paw Wow Halloween Gathering also known as Hawloween Woof-A-Thon 2.0, sponsored by Pet Lovers Centre at Eco Ardence. Pet Lovers Centre invited owners and their furry friends for a spooktacular event. Many families with their fur babies attended to take part in the many activities and booths for the limited time being.

The activities included a magical evening 2km Spooky Fun Walk, Halloween Woof Fashion Show,   Paw Program, and the Paw-Paw Bazaar. All catered to paw-like pups with creative outfits and terrific personalities. Both dogs and humans created many unforgettable memories during the fun activities showing their teamwork and companionship.

To add on, during the Paw Program, there was Woof Tips Sharing, Woof Fun Match Show, Dog Sport, Rescue Dog Sharing & Competition, Woop Adoption & Charity Corner along with Preloved Woof item exchange & Donation Corner. 

For more updates on Paw Wow, please visit https://www.facebook.com/pawwowmalaysia 

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