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2nd-Runner Up, Chin Wei Jean (陈薇菁); Winner, Tay Cheah (谢莹莹) and 1st Runner Up, Crystal Low (刘瀞蔚)

The Miss CosmoWorld Malaysia 2023 grand final was held in glamorous fashion at the JW Marriott last weekend. The 2023 edition saw 25-year-old aspiring actress & model Tay Cheah (谢莹莹) crowned as the Miss CosmoWorld 2023 winner. First runner-up went to dancer Crystal Low (刘瀞蔚), 24, while the third place was awarded to Kuala Lumpur-born IT consultant, Chin Wei Jean (陈薇菁), 27. All the winners took home cash and sponsored prizes worth almost RM350,000 including the customary sashes, trophies, and the glitzy Miss CosmoWorld crowns.

Winner of Miss CosmoWorld Malaysia 2023 Grand Final, Tay Cheah (谢莹莹)

Describing her win as a surprise, Cheah said, “I really did not expect to win tonight. I am grateful to the judges for valuing my hard work throughout the night, and I will work even harder for the grand final. My victory is a testament to every girl with ambitions in this country, that is to be confident, to love and trust themselves because they can certainly be anyone they wish to be.” Cheah’s crowning as Miss CosmoWorld Malaysia 2023 also came with a RM42,000 total cash prize along with other sponsored vouchers and items worth more than RM150,000. The Selangor-born model, who triumphed over 14 other contestants, will begin her beauty pageant camp at the Hyatt Place Kuala Lumpur and represent Malaysia to compete at the the Miss CosmoWorld International 2023 world final, which will be held at the St. Regis Hotel on November 29, with prizes worth more than RM1,000,000 up for grabs.

1st Runner Up, Crystal Low (刘瀞蔚)

The first runner-up, Low, was also awarded the subsidiary titles of Miss Talent presented by Prop Buddies and Miss Charming presented by MeLife. A performing arts graduate from Sunway University, she also expressed her surprise although she believes that Cheah deserved her win, “I am surprised at winning the first runner-up and I am very grateful for this win. I couldn’t be happier for  Tay (Cheah) as she deserves the title, especially with her strong leadership and motivational support for all the girls during pageant week, and I’m excited to see her represent the women of Malaysia at the international grand final.”

2nd-Runner Up, Chin Wei Jean (陈薇菁)

Meanwhile, Chin, who has never joined any beauty pageant before, was chuffed at her winning the second runner-up of Miss CosmoWorld Malaysia 2023. “I feel overwhelmed with gratitude. This is the first time in my life joining a beauty pageant. Winning second runner-up and two subsidiary titles, I am happy with my achievement,” said Chin. Highlighting Latin dance performance as something that she would cherish from her experience in the pageant, she was also awarded the subsidiary titles of  Miss Popularity presented by Xpaze and Miss Elegant presented by Voyager.

Group Photo at Miss CosmoWorld Malaysia 2023 Grand Final

Organized by CL Skin Sdn. Bhd., Miss CosmoWorld founder, Carrie Lee, emphasizes that the beauty pageant is aimed at grooming passionate local youth, enhancing their talents and skills to young women across Malaysia. “Having won a beauty pageant myself, I feel the need to give back to the community especially to women in the country and empower them so that their potentials are not restricted by the gender stereotypes that we often experience not only in this country but around the world, and this year is no different,” said Lee, who had achieved pageantry success in the past when she was crowned as Miss Chinese Cosmos 2004.

15 contestants were made to go through various rounds during the final night including swimsuits, corsets, evening gowns as well as a Q&A session. The following are the winners of Miss CosmoWorld Malaysia 2023:

  • Miss CosmoWorld Malaysia 2023 Winner: Tay Cheah
  • 1st Runner-Up: Crystal Low
  • 2nd Runner-Up: Chin Wei Jean
  • Top 5 Winner: Lynn Teh
  • Top 5 Winner: Chloe Koay

The pageant also awarded 9 subsidiary titles of various categories to the contestants:

  • Miss Photogenic presented by MeLife: Lynn Teh
  • Miss Beautiful Smile presented by CL Skin: Lynn Teh
  • Miss Perfect Skin presented by MeLife: Jying Lim
  • Miss Charming presented by MeLife: Crystal Low
  • Miss Talent presented by Prop Buddies: Crystal Low
  • Miss Glamorous presented by Dato’ Elvis: Angel Chen
  • Miss Wellness presented by Gintell: Chloe Koay
  • Miss Popularity presented by Xpaze: Chin Wei Jean
  • Miss Elegant presented by Voyager: Chin Wei Jean

Miss CosmoWorld 2023 is sponsored by Getbats, with MeLife as the sponsor of Miss CosmoWorld Malaysia 2023 and Gintell as the Wellness Sponsor. Other sponsors include:

  • Xpaze
  • FPG Berhad
  • Hyatt Place
  • Park Royal Collection
  • LBS
  • Grand Imperial Bird’s Nest
  • Medcyto
  • Meliora Storia
  • Eazie Beauty
  • Rainb Ragazzo
  • Carrie Collections
  • Bellissimo
  • Party Eventlicious
  • The Gown Atelier
  • Gelly Wee
  • Drunken Kitten
  • S Corset
  • Smart Master
  • Voyager
  • Zenzo Production
  • CT Chin
  • Baddogz Studio
  • EbakzSports
  • GCMA
  • Kr8tif Express
  • Rentak Sejuta
  • Selebriti Online

For more information, kindly visit: https://www.facebook.com/MissCosmoWorld/

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