by Danial Siah
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The film industry has played a significant part in categorising, moulding, and depicting female characters in a negative way. Whether it is produced locally or internationally, it getting common where women who are given lead roles that are often to play stereotypical characters or to be exploited; used and abused or even raped.

Famous actress in the local industry like, Sharifah Amani, Sofia Jane, Susan Lankester, Fatimah Abu Bakar and Daiyan Trisha spoke about this issue on their Twitter Spaces to raise awareness about it.

Self-regulation could be one of the ways to encourage a better content in TV and Film and helping the industry by allowing the consumers have to a right to speak up about what is right to display on the big screen. A useful resource for self-regulation is the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Content Code (Content Code). Drawn up by the Content Forum in 2004, the Content Code is a set of guidelines outlining best practices and ethical standards for content creation and consumption across all digital media platforms.

The Content Forum is now conducting a nationwide public consultation exercise to obtain public feedback on proposed modifications to the Content Code, including a provision to combat online harassment and gender-based violence.

Members of the public are encouraged to provide feedback on this public consultation to ensure that Content Code version 2021 takes into account consumers current needs and concerns. Further information on this exercise can be accessed at www.contentforum.my.

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