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Group photo at the Yes 5G for All event.

Being the first communications organization to bring 5G to Malaysians, YTL Communications launched a revolutionary campaign called “5G for All” that paved the way for Malaysians to have access to 5G anytime and anywhere.

The campaign revealed announcements that include the cheapest Infinite plans and strategic device partnerships that put 5G enabled phones into the hands of customers absolutely free when they sign up.

Dato’ Yeok Seok Hong, Managing Director of YTL Communications Sdn. Bhd (left) and YB Tan Sri Annuar Musa, Minister of Communications & Multimedia (K-KOM) (right).

“Five months ago, we became the nation’s first telco to offer 5G. Today marks another major milestone as we launch the next phase of our journey in enabling all Malaysians to have easy access to 5G plans,” said Dato’ Yeok Seok Hong, Managing Director of YTL Communications Sdn. Bhd, 

Yes Infinite “Beyond Unlimited” presentation.

“With prices of goods increasing under the current inflationary climate, we are instead bringing down data prices by 300% to am ere RM0.30 per GB with our newest data and free device plans whilst offering speeds that are 20x faster,” he added.

Renowned brands on display for Yes 5G for All.

Renowned device brands, namely OPPO, Samsung, vivo, and Xiaomi have established partnerships with Yes to journey together with the campaign. Through this 5G for all campaign, Yes hopes that Malaysians can stay connected with Yes as they transition into an era of making Yes 5G accessible for all of Malaysia and provide a window of possibilities for everyone in Malaysia to realize their full potential.

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