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Masya Masyitah – ‘Jiu Meng Xin Su’.

Champion of the Yippi Star Quest 2020, triumphing over more than 3,000 contenders from all over Asia, Siti Nurmasyitah Mohd or better known as Masya Masyitah 玛莎 is back to take the world by storm on her first-ever solo single in Mandarin entitled ‘Jiu Meng Xin Su’ 旧梦新夙.

The song tells a story of a couple that will sacrifice anything for the happiness of their significant other. The story takes a turn for the worst when the man became ill and kept it from his lover to protect her feelings. But then, she is left to wonder why they parted ways, as he did not provide any explanation for the separation.

Masya Masyitah said, “It’s been a long time running for my solo Mandarin single as my way of giving back to my new fans whom I’ve encountered during the Yippi Star Quest 2020 competition, and also to my beloved fans in Malaysia that have been waiting patiently. At first, I was handed the demo, and after listening to it I just fell in love with the beautiful melody Kai Kai has created, plus with a sad storyline like that, one just couldn’t help but feel touched by it.”

The song was composed and written by local songwriter and composer, Kai Kai, along with music producer, Ong Peng Chu, with a slow rock feel. Masya Masyitah and the team were able to record the song and the music video while under the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO), and the entire process only took an hour. 

Masya Masyitah

“I tailor-made this song especially for Masya because of her amazing ability to sing in Mandarin fluently, while it was Peng Chu’s idea for her to sing the slow rock number in Malay-style to give it a fresher sound that most Malaysians could relate to,” said Kai Kai.

‘Jiu Meng Xin Su’ is now available for download on music streaming platforms. The song is also available as a caller ringtone on major telco service providers. 

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