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WIP On The Park has recently opened at Marc Residence KL, making a new oasis for city slickers a new sanctuary to wine, dine and party. The purpose of the SOULed OUT Group to successfully relocate to Marc Residence is to provide a new entertainment spot for metropolitans.

As it was inspired by the trendy, lush Gastro-lounge, WIP On The Park combines a contemporary interior palette 10,000 square feet atrium, together with a massive visually appealing LED screen and a patio that is equally charming for those who still prefer open-air drinking and dining.

In WIP On The Park, they serves a variety of specialized wines from around the world to local beers and an expansive spirits menu that encompasses an impressive variety of whiskies, gin, rum, vodka, brandy, and tequila. On top of that, they WIP On The Park also offers new liquid specialties like Cabernet Mojito, Smash Hit, Coco-groni and Tropic Thunder.

WIP On The Park also included an extensive variety of cuisine by having Serving up to 100 flavorful dishes on their menu. Dishes like Coastal Aglio Olio, Kerala Style Fish in Banana Leaf and Chicken Makanwala have been made a permanent fixture meanwhile, Black Angus Fried Kway Teow have had a recipe make-over to cater. To be different than the other, WIP On The Park featured Short Rib Nasi Lemak, Kashmiri Lamb Rack, Wagyu Truffle Pesto Burger and the Seafood Tom Yum Fettuccine that infuses the best of both Asian and European cuisine.

Celebrity Chef Sapna Anand

Celebrity Chef Sapna Anand, made an entrance as she was invited to tantalize taste buds of the discerning food lover by creating the best, freshest and finest Indian spices can look forward to an exquisite voyage of thematic dining sessions with the famed food maestro during the exclusive Chef’s Table nights.

Michele Kwok, Executive Director of SOULed OUT Group


Michele Kwok, Executive Director of SOULed OUT Group, said that “Encapsulating various elements of the city’s enchanting charm, from its colorful heritage to the plethora of cultures, WIP On The Park aims to transport guests back to the city that never sleeps. Our team have created a food and beverage menu that will see everyone eat and drink their way through the rich diversity of Malaysia’s local and international offerings, one bite and sip at a time on a perfect perch wrapped in luxe décor and gorgeous nooks”.

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