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Bell Ngasri announced as Bintang Paling Popular. Photo credit to NSTP

Malaysian esteemed comedian Nasrizal Ngasri, widely recognized by his stage name Bell Ngasri, won the most popular artiste at the illustrious Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian 35 (ABPBH35) awards. This remarkable triumph marks a significant milestone for Bell Ngasri, who has passionately graced the entertainment industry for over two decades, and his legacy continues to unfold.

The recognition bestowed upon Bell Ngasri during the ABPBH35 ceremony was resounding, as he was awarded a trophy, exclusive gifts, and an all-inclusive Umrah package, graciously sponsored by Fellera Skin, the major sponsor of ABPBH35. Bell Ngasri also secured the title of Most Popular Comedy Artiste, solidifying his enduring influence in the industry.

Acknowledging the potential for detractors in light of his victory, Bell Ngasri gracefully addressed any potential backlash, stating, “My win tonight is a testament to the culmination of unwavering dedication, relentless hard work, and an unyielding commitment to my career as an artiste.”

The ABPBH35 ceremony witnessed the presentation of ten other prestigious awards in main categories, with winners determined by the culmination of online votes from dedicated Berita Harian readers over the preceding two months.

The crowning moment of the night was the bestowal of the Lifetime Achievement Award upon Malaysia’s pioneering Oscar-winning actress, Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh, a testament to her indelible impact on the global cinematic landscape.

Among the notable victors were Anna Jobling, who bagged up two awards; Popular New Female Artiste and Popular TV Actress, and Dolla, whose musical prowess secured the Popular Artiste Collaboration/Duo/Group award. The mantle of Popular New Male Artiste was deservedly claimed by Amir Ahnaf, while Meerqeen was awarded as the Popular TV Actor.

In the realm of cinema, Beto Kusyairy was heralded as the Popular Film Actor, while Sophia Albarakbah shone as the Popular Film Actress. Elly Mazlein, with her charismatic presence, was named as the Popular TV Host. The melodious arena was equally vibrant, with Khai Bahar and Aina Abdul captivating audiences and emerging as the Popular Male Singer and Popular Female Singer, respectively.

Beyond these categories, the ABPBH35 Extra awards underscored the vibrancy of Malaysian entertainment. Notable wins included Meerqeen and Anna for their outstanding collaboration in “Melur Untuk Firdaus” as Popular Drama Duo, and the dynamic duo of Datuk Aaron Aziz and Nadiya Nisaa for Popular Film Duo, with their remarkable contribution to “Dekatnya Cinta.” Furthermore, Alieff Irfan earned acclaim as a Popular Content Creator.

The ABPBH35 event, which was themed as “Ekspresi Legasi Seni” (Expression of Artistic Legacy), unfolded over a captivating three hours. Duet and group performances by luminaries such as Datuk Seri Siti Nurhaliza, Datuk Ramli Sarip, Dayang Nurfaizah, and other acclaimed artists enriched the evening’s tapestry. The distinguished presenters at the ceremony included former cabinet minister Khairy Jamaluddin, along with luminaries such as Erra Fazira, Erma Fatima, Beto Kusyairy, and Sarimah Ibrahim, among others.

The sweeping impact of ABPBH35 was irrefutable, captivating the nation with its grandeur. The event garnered 5.6 million total views on TV3, achieved 2.9 billion hits on digital platforms between July 17 and 23, 2023, and attracted an engaged audience of 439,634 for the live-streamed red carpet event and the ABPBH35 finale night on Tonton, a testament to the enduring allure of Malaysia’s entertainment industry.

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