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The Mid-Autumn Festival or more commonly known as the Mooncake Festival is fast approaching on the 21st of September 2021, and Vanilla Crepe is here to remind everyone about the importance of family unity through “sharing is caring” within the family. This Festival is highly revered as a day of obligation for family members to come together for a meal and eating mooncakes. Vanilla Crepe will have its new delicious innovation in all their stores beginning Monday, 9th August 2021, as well as for nationwide delivery across Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Nelson Liew, Founder & CEO of Vanilla Crepe said, “We at Vanilla Crepe have dedicated our precious times during the pandemic to tirelessly research and develop a perfectly-defined ‘mooncrepe’ for this season, because we care for all the families who have suffered through the lockdown. For this reason, we are proud to have created a unique ‘mooncrepe’, which is also round that symbolizes wholeness and unity, representing prosperity and unity for the whole family. These sweet and savory treats must be shared, with the round cakes being sliced into eight pieces for obvious reasons – the number 8 is auspicious for the Chinese.”

This year, Vanilla Crepe is proud to introduce its limited edition ‘mooncrepe’ set as the most innovative mooncake of 2021. This innovative creation of the mooncake is a combination of delicious snow skin with the authentic French based crepe beneath certain to tantalize taste buds. Using only the finest ingredients like Vanilla from Madagascar, Gourmet Butter from New Zealand, Parisian Cream from France, Cheese from Australia and Peanut Butter from Malaysia.

Through the smart collaboration of the two leading brands like NESTLE and JOBBIE, with the great flavors using Nestle’s Kitkat Bites as the first flavor and Jobbie’s premium peanut butter series as the second flavor. On top of that, the set will also come with two other special flavors which is Vanilla Crepe’s very own special Rainbow Moon Crepe and also the signature Mango Peach Moon Crepe.






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