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From the left: Mat Redho and Yip Hui Teng (GOLD), Muhamad Adib bin Nor Akhsan and Chen Shin Yee (SILVER), Kayden Lee Borhan and Renee Tan Sui Lin (BRONZE)

The finalists showed superhuman abilities as they contested at the Obstacle Warrior 2021 National Championships that was approved by the National Sports Council and officiated by Escape Petaling Jaya at Paradigm Mall. They glided their way through victory by completing the 22 challenging obstacles which were set at a sequence of difficulty levels.

For the male category,  triple SEA Games silver medalist Mohd Redha Bin Rozlan aged 33, was crowned as the champion of the Obstacle Race with an outstanding time of 1.56.90. As for the first runner-up, Muhamad Adib bin Nor Akhsan, a well-known participant from UITM Shah Alam could not match the champion’s strength as he only managed to reach the finish line at 2.23.12. While the second runner-up, 18 years old Kayden Lee Borhan, who is new to Obstacle Racing, recorded a very impressive time of 2.45.32.

As for the female category, a fierce competition between the 30-year-old National Women’s 5km No. 1 and SEA Games silver medalist, Yip Hui Teng and 27-year-old rookie Chen Shin Yee resulted in times of 4.26.19 and 4.35.03 respectively. With only a 2-seconds-margin, 21-year-old Renee Tan, No. 1 Women Rookie and breakout star of the national championships managed to notch up a time of 4.37.03.

 The two champions for the youth category were clocked at  3.55.75 by 15-year-old Jules Mangin for the male youth category and female youth athlete Shareen Mohd Nasran came on top in the female youth category by clocking at 4.40.95.

Organized by World Sports Entertainment Sdn Bhd, a total prize pool of RM5, 000 and was split RM 1,000, RM 500 and RM 250 respectively with the youth male and female categories split equally.

Andrew Ng, Executive Director of World Sports Entertainment said, “We were truly impressed with the quality of performances we saw at the finals over the weekend. I was particularly encouraged at the competitiveness shown by many of the younger newcomers to the sport which shows it has a bright future in Malaysia.”

“I would like to give my sincere thanks to World Sports Entertainment for staging such a professional event and to all the partners who helped make the event possible, especially to the Ministry of Youth and Sports, National Sports Council, Sim Leisure Group and Paradigm Mall. Also, thank you for always believing in the spirit of sportsmanship and having a profound passion and love for this sport,” said Alex Cheah, President of MORSA.

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