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IKAT 2.0 #6 Artisan Helen Manjan anak Atong weaving Pua Kumbu

IKAT 2.0, an immersive-driven platform preserving Malaysian textile heritage, kicked off a year-long program across Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Terengganu, and Kuching. The inaugural event at The Godown Art Centre, Kuala Lumpur, unfolded on January 6-7, 2024.

IKAT aimed to re-invigorate public engagement in Malaysian textile heritage through innovation and collaborations with artisans, new media artists, educational institutions, and subject matter experts. Initiatives sought to infuse vitality into traditions and enhance Malaysians’ appreciation for heritage textiles.

IKAT 2.0 #5 Visitors is experiencing the Immersive Installation “Dreamweavers”

IKAT 2.0, shaped as a pop-up textile experiential hub, featured an immersive installation, heritage textile gallery, hands-on workshops, talks, and a fashion showcase. The series progressed to Penang in April 2024, Terengganu in July 2024, and concluded in Sarawak in October 2024, each installment with unique themes and offerings.

IKAT Project Coordinator, Mahesh Naiker said, “At the heart of IKAT lies a three-year commitment. The priority of our initial year is to raise awareness amongst Malaysians, fostering meaningful engagement with grassroots organizations and communities. Year two sees an expansion of IKAT’s influence through impactful partnerships with brands and educational institutions across various levels. The ambitious milestone for the third year is to establish a dynamic network that enables the textile heritage community to connect, collaborate and share information or resources. Simultaneously, a digital archive will be established to digitalize textiles and motifs in a bid to preserve our history and knowledge for the benefit of future generations.”

IKAT 2.0 #2 (L2R) Dato’ Shahira Ahmed Bazari_Fariz Hanapiah

IKAT 2.0 KL Edition, titled “Whispers of Borneo’s Dreams,” highlighted Bornean artisanal textiles, showcasing Pua Kumbu, pis embroidery, and beaded art. The pop-up hub, led by Jacqueline Fong of Tanoti Crafts, featured immersive installations, a textile gallery, live demonstrations, artisan-guided workshops, talk sessions, and a fashion showcase.

The event was a collaborative effort involving partners like Filamen, Limkokwing University, Tanoti Crafts, The GoDown Arts Centre, and RUBIX Communications. Admission to the IKAT 2.0 pop-up was free. For more information, visit https://ikatmalaysia.com/ or follow IG @IKATMalaysia.

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