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Group photo at the launch of the SHARP AQUOS XLED.

The leading player in consumer electronics and home appliances – Sharp Electronics (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd (SHARP), has unveiled its latest groundbreaking AQUAS XLED in conjunction with its 111th-anniversary celebration, last week at its flagship Doly Atmos Halls at TGV Cinemas, Pavilion Bukit Jalil.

Mr. Ting Yang Chung, Managing Director of SHARP

Mr. Ting Yang Chung, Managing Director of SHARP said, “AQUOS XLED is a truly inspiring product that combines SHARP’s unwavering dedication to delivering the ideal picture and sound quality. We believe that true-to-life and vivid visual content are the key factors in defining an ideal TV. Thanks to Dolby Vision IQ, AQUOS XLED ensures true color and brightness in any environment, overcoming industry challenges that seemed almost impossible, we are proud to say that this achievement is made possible through AQUOS XLED.”

The new SHARP AQUOS XLED is equipped with four major features:

  1. Xtreme miniLED – powers the AQUOS XLED with over 2,000 dimming zones – providing an unmatched viewing experience.
  2. Xtreme Brightness – 88x backlight LEDs that provide up to 6x peak brightness compared to the conventional SHARP 4K models.
  3. Deep Chroma – provides more than 20% color coverage area compared to the previous models and is known as the highest color representative in the history of AQUOS.
  4. ARSS + Speaker Surround System –  features 11 speakers surrounding the screen and supports 85-watt audio output – ensuring a premium audio experience.

As a result of these new features, AQUOS XLED has been honored with an IF Design 2023 award in the Professional Concept category for its never-before-seen innovative ideas and experimental concepts. To celebrate the launch of the AQUOS XLED and its achievement, SHARP is hosting an online contest where lucky winners will stand a chance to attend the exclusive premiere of Mission Impossible 7: Dead Reckoning Part 1 to experience the thrilling adventures of Ethan Hunt on the big screen, this10 July 2023.


The AQUOUS XLED 65-inch variant is now available for purchase at RM15,999 while the AQUOS XLED 75-inch variant will be available in July 2023 at RM25,999. In addition to this, SHARP customers have a chance to win the all-new AQUOS XLED variants through SHARP product purchases with massive discounts and promotions from 19 June until 31 July 2023.

For more information, kindly visit: or follow its social media pages, Facebook: SharpMsia | Instagram: @sharp.malaysia

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