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YANA (Shalma Eliana)

Shalma Eliana or now known as YANA, is an uprising artist who has a magnetic personality and has an exquisite sense of music. YANA is now slowly growing in the Malaysian music industry by introducing her new pop ballad masterpiece called YOUR LOSS. This new song is the complete opposite of her usual beat tunes and dance-friendly tracks.

The making of YOUR LOSS was assisted by music producers Izzy Musa and Shae alongside music composer, Wan Imar Izzat. It was their first time working with YANA and were thrilled to work with the artist on the track.

“I would say YOUR LOSS is actually the beginning of my career.  A new fresh start as the song is solely written by me and I’ve never had the confidence to put out anything I’ve written myself. The song was written in the most genuine place which is my home and everybody at home calls me Yana. So, since Yana is me at my purest and most genuine self, that’s why I chose YANA,” she explained.

YOUR LOSS tells a story that relates to betrayal as it also reminds everyone that betrayal should never weigh a person down and it’s never anyone’s loss when someone in your life doesn’t value or appreciate you.

“We all had the same vision as we brainstormed, it was like everything just fell into place. Everyone understood what I had envisioned. Overall, I can say that it’s easy to work with people who are really committed and actually know you,” she added.

“I truly wish people will love the song and will be able to relate to it as much as I did. It’s a sincere song and the most genuine one I’ve put out. It is also my first self-penned track which I am sharing with the world. I hope that my songs act as a form of comfort for those who have encountered betrayal,” she ended.

YOUR LOSS is now widely available on all digital streaming platforms and the music video was unveiled on the 26th November 2021 on Universal Music Malaysia’s YouTube channel.


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