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Sarah Suhairi – Local Celebrity

Local artist, Sarah Suhairi, popularly know as the winner of Astro’s ‘Big Stage’ Season 1, finally launched her singles titled, ‘Andaikan’, after it being selected as the soundtrack of the drama series ‘Hatimu Sedingin Salju (HSS)’ that was released 2 years ago. According to the extremely talented artist, she was certain that even if the song was not used as a soundtrack for the drama series, it would have been eventually released as a single; she just wasn’t sure when only. 

Sarah Suhairi said although there were other songs that were submitted to be the official soundtrack (OST) of the movie, the song ‘Andaikan’ is more suitable for the drama as the lyrics are relatable, and the melody suits the movie. 

“The song tells a story of a romantic relationship between a couple that was in love for most of their life but was lost somewhere down the road. Honestly, I have no experience such as this. I watch K-Dramas that involve a lot of broken relationships, and drew inspiration from there for my song,” Sarah Suhairi said. 

‘Andaikan’ was a creation for the leading composer, Sharon Paul, while the lyrics were written by Shah Shamshiri. The song has been ready to be recorded since 2019 and is now available on all digital music streaming platforms. 

Back in 2019, Sarah received two major nominations in the ‘New Popular Female Artiste’ and ‘Popular Female Singer’ categories at the Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian (ABPBH) and won the ‘Muca Instafamous’ award at the Anugerah Instafamous HurrTV.

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