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Samsung Electronics Malaysia unveiled the newest edition of its BESPOKE Jet™ Plus with an integrated All-In-One Clean Station. The latest features of the lightweight and effective vacuum include a user-friendly auto-closing dustbin for effortless disposal, a Slim LED brush for thorough cleaning without overlooking any blind spots, and the Pet Tool+ equipped with an anti-tangle grinder to collect pet hairs efficiently. 


The cordless stick vacuum’s outstanding suction power, accompanied by its advanced Jet Cyclone technology, efficiently traps an impressive 99.999% of the dust. 


“The BESPOKE Jet™ Plus is more than an upgrade, especially for everyday cleaning in Malaysian homes. Its innovative features, including the auto disposal systems, lightweight design, and long-lasting performance, demonstrate Samsung’s commitment to providing hassle-free and time-saving cleaning solutions,” said Mr Denny Kim, President of Samsung Malaysia Electronics Sdn Bhd.


Elevating A Hassle-free, Hygienic Cleaning Experience every day. The latest BESPOKE Jet™ Plus brings forth an all-new enhanced All-in-One Clean Station, creating a meaningful experience with its innovative feature. The vacuum seamlessly operates by automatically initiating the charging process upon returning the vacuum to its designated port, while enjoying a worry-free cleaning with its automatic “empty-out dustbin” system. 


Encouraging a hassle-free everyday cleaning experience, the unique auto-closing dustbin on the latest BESPOKE Jet™ Plus also promises that consumers no longer have to worry about coming into contact with dust, mites, or contaminants, ensuring a cleaner and more hygienic cleaning process.


Technology-engineered Suction and Jet Cyclone for Powerful Cleaning Performance offering unparalleled and advanced cleaning performance, The BESPOKE Jet™ Plus features the Digital Inverter Motor, a light yet powerful technology, that spins up to 135,000rpm and provides 580W of input power to optimize airflow and efficiency.


The device’s most advanced Jet Cyclone innovation produces extreme suction power of 210W that traps 99.999% of dust through its Multi-layered Filtration system. The effortless synergy of the main cyclone and metal mesh grille filter efficiently picks up large dust particles while capturing fine dust through its all-new multi-cyclone structure.


Equipped with Pet Tool+ Designed for the Removal of Hairs. The BESPOKE Jet™ Plus is accompanied by a variety of brushes and accessories to enhance pet lovers’ cleaning experience. The innovative design features a rubber nozzle and bristles to adeptly capture fine and hard-to-spot pet hairs. The V-shaped drum gathers the hairs in the center, followed by a self-cleaning grinder that eliminates any tangling from occurring in the drum of the vacuum. 


Effortless Cleaning with an Intuitive LCD Digital Display and Telescopic Design While it promotes easy movement and comfort, the user-friendly interface on the digital display enhances control and maintenance, ensuring that consumers can intuitively check the status of the vacuum at any time, at any point of cleaning. The LCD digital display keeps consumers informed on power levels, remaining operating time, error notifications, and guide solutions, including charging status and language preference options.


The 24% lighter device now boasts an impressive 1.44kg to ensure maximum usability and reduce strain on the consumer’s wrist compared to traditional Samsung cleaners. Coupled with the telescopic pipe design, it ensures an ergonomically comfortable length, suitable for any person’s size, and offers 3 level length adjustments, ranging from 525mm to 665mm.  The BESPOKE Jet™ Plus cordless vacuum stick will be available with a 5-year free warranty as a launch promotion from 1 Mar – 30 Apr 2024 nationwide. 

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