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The Chainsmokers
The Chainsmokers

realme stays committed to having the sound quality on its truly wireless earbuds validated by the best in the industry. Having worked previously with Alan Walker for the first generation of the realme Buds Wireless, this time, for the all-new realme Buds Air 2, they have collaborated with The Chainsmokers as their Special Invited Chief Tuner. They have also teased a collaboration with another Top DJ for upcoming truly wireless devices.

The Grammy Award-winning and Billboard Chart-topping duo has worked with realme Music Studio on developing and perfecting the sound quality tuning and material selection. In order to boost sound quality and experience for Buds Air 2, realme has selected a diamond-like carbon diaphragm to attain ultra-high quality audio by using such materials with hardness comparable to diamonds. The distortion rate, on the other hand, has also been greatly reduced to less than 0.5%, making it one of, if not the best in the market in this regard. Apart from that, realme Buds Air 2 is equipped with the new Bass Boost + bass enhancement solution, tuned by the realme Music Studio, and is capable of restoring the sound to its original quality with ultra-high resolution.

“We are very excited to be collaborating with such a foresighted brand that provides the best, affordable products for the target market. We are also thrilled to see our vision transformed into a reality along with realme’s technology and are excited for customers to try their products,” said Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers.

“We see the increasing power of the younger generation; thus, it only made sense to work with realme. The Chainsmokers’ music and lyrics represent freedom, fashionable, trendy, and cool, they have deep insights about what the youth require from devices like this, which help realme to provide an optimum combination of bold, innovative designs and a balanced integration between software and hardware,” said realme CMO, Chase Xu.

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