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Mr. Kazumasa Mise, Chief Executive Officer of Rakuten Trade

Rakuten Trade has upped their game on the rewards program to make for a more cost-effective trading suitable for the new generation of retail investors who prefer independence and the ability to execute their own trades digitally. 

Given that online retail investors prefer affordability in their choice of trading platforms, Rakuten Trade provides that solution by launching the Tick, Trade & Rebate Program that allows its clients to offset the trading brokerage fee by using RT Points. This move resulted in more than 80% of RT Points being redeemed to offset brokerage in the first month of its introduction.

Investors are now able to obtain RT Points wherever they engage in account opening, cash deposits, share transfers, referrals, trading, and participating in marketing campaigns on the Rakuten Trade ecosystem. Apart from using RT points to offset brokerage fees, these points can also be converted into lifestyle rewards including AirAsia BIG Loyalty, BonusLink, and Boost, as well as financial products – Gold by HelloGold and Cryptocurrency by Tokenize.

Clients need only to opt-in when placing a trade on the “Buy or Sell Order Pad” to offset the brokerage fees. Should it be successful, the brokerage rebate will be credited into the client’s account by the end of the trading day.

Mr. Kazumasa Mise, Chief Executive Officer of Rakuten Trade, said, “This latest enhancement is considered the first-in-market move in online trading and facilitates our clients’ goal of wealth accumulation by trading equities. Not only are we disrupting the status quo, but once again demonstrating the flexibility of our tech-savvy platform. In a survey we conducted last year, brokerage fees and rewards are key driving factors in online trading. By enhancing the ecosystem, Rakuten Trade is providing more value in a way that ultimately benefits the clients.” 

For more information on Rakuten Trade, please visit www.rakutentrade.my or download iSPEED.my app via Google Play Store or Apps Store.

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