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Quaker, the world’s leading oats brand, proudly announces its collaboration with Malaysian celebrity Zahirah Macwilson as its official brand ambassador for Malaysia. This partnership aims to inspire Malaysians to enhance their lives and well-being through the benefits of oats.

With over 140 years of heritage, Quaker offers a diverse range of products including Quaker Base Oats, Quaker 3in1 Oat Cereal Drink, Quaker Multi-Grain, and Quaker Oat Cookies. These products make it easy for everyone to enjoy oats at any time, whether for breakfast, a full meal, or an on-the-go snack. Boasting seven times more fiber than white rice, Quaker Oats are heart-healthy and help keep consumers full longer.

Debra Deyvitah, Marketing Manager of PepsiCo Malaysia, highlighted the benefits of Quaker Oats, stating, “Quaker Oats provide nutrient density, lasting energy, heart health, and improved digestion. We believe good nutrition should always be accessible, which is why we are excited to introduce Zahirah Macwilson as our Brand Ambassador. Her commitment to well-being amidst a busy schedule reflects Quaker’s values. Through this partnership, we aim to empower Malaysians to embrace the goodness of Quaker.”

Zahirah Macwilson, an avid fan and long-time consumer of Quaker products, incorporates them into her daily meals. She shared, “Quaker has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. Its variety of products is perfect for quick breakfasts, nutritious snacks, and experimenting with recipes. I’m excited to share this joy with Malaysians as Quaker’s Brand Ambassador.”

Quaker remains committed to offering delicious products that maintain their nutritional benefits, helping consumers feel fuller longer and maintain a balanced diet. Quaker Oats are recognized for their ability to lower cholesterol, making them a heart-healthy choice for all ages.

Quaker invites Malaysians to join Zahirah Macwilson in incorporating oats into their daily meals and explore recipes like Nasi Goreng Quaker, Onde-Onde Quaker Oats Cookies, and Nutty Fruity Oatmeal available on its website. Follow Zahirah on Instagram for updates on her wellness journey with Quaker.

Catch Zahirah in Quaker Malaysia’s latest advertisement on YouTube. For more information, visit Quaker’s website and follow Quaker on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates.

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