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An animation feature film trilogy by Rainshine Entertainment and Animasia Studio invites young adults and families to co-produce the Young Captain Nemo franchise on RainBlox, a Rainshine’s proprietary blockchain platform. Despite it being an animation film, the Young Captain Nemo franchise also creates a fan community for the investors where a 3.0 multi-format content franchise web will be developed to promote spinoff series, NFTs, video games, merchandise, and an original soundtrack.

The franchise will be releasing its first-ever film in late 2023 as a collaboration with famous talents such as Henry Gilroy and Jeffrey Reddick. The storyline of the Captain Nemo trilogy is written by Jason Henderson, a name that is well known in comic books, computer games, and the young adult novels genre. 

Giving an additional role to the global audience, they can now connect with the Young Captain Nemo by playing, investing, and purchasing on the provided blockchain by following in the steps of the 15-year-old anti-hero Gabriel Nemo. A portion of the collected revenue will also be donated to protect the ocean and its animals from pollution.

Managing director of Animasia Studio, Edmund Chan

“We’re very excited to showcase a young person of color as a protagonist in an animated franchise where kids from across the globe can see heroes who look just like them. Combining world-class talent with the best technology, we’re creating a one-of-a-kind experience where fans can own a piece of the franchise through our proprietary platform, RainBlox,” said Edmund Chan, managing director, Animasia Studio.

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