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Def Jam Southeast Asia has once again reaffirmed its passion for and commitment to hip-hop culture, through its international acclaimed artist, ALYPH, which has developed his distinct production alias Magic Potions. As popularly known, rising to the forefront of made-in-Singapore hip hop with SleeQ’s breakout Single ‘Pilihlah Aku’, ALYPH has blazed his artistry across borders in both Malaysia and Singapore. In this regard, ALYPH finally releases his long-awaited brand-new EP, ‘III/III’. The sounds of this three-track odyssey are the result of years of sharpening his craft and shaking off expectations — as a rapper, a singer, and a beat-maker. All three qualities are on full display in this exciting new EP, the first of several projects down the line from ALYPH.

ALYPH is no stranger in the hip-hop regional industry. Recent years have marked hit after hit for ALYPH: as a solo artist and producer, he’s worked with Joe Flizzow, K-Clique, Kaka Azraff, Zizan Razak, De Fam, Adira, and created a full-length collaborative album with SonaOne. ‘Mimpi’, the fast-riding 2019 hit single by K-Clique featuring and produced by ALYPH, stands at 45 million views on YouTube to date. His recent production work on Joe Flizzow’s “CIAO”, featuring K-Clique’s MK and Korean rapper Jay Park, racked up over two million streams and over six million views on YouTube within a year of its release.

In his EP ‘III/III’, pronounced ‘three-of-three’, the veteran hitmaker offers fans an honest look into the recesses of his mind, with previous single ‘Adakah Kau Mendengar?’ accompanied by the introspective ‘Skali Lagi’ and the closing track ‘Show Me Colors’. While ALYPH has proven his expertise by collaborating with artists both locally and regionally, ‘III/III’ is the work of a restless creative spirit, always adapting to break new ground and old expectations.

“My motivation for making music is that it cannot sound like everything I’m hearing right now,” ALYPH says of ‘III/III’. “Who am I to feel like this, if I’m churning out the same kind of material?” ‘Adakah Kau Mendengar?’ first gave a glimpse of things to come: a hybrid of ethereal R&B and grimy trap that plunges further into a dark and seductive abyss, fully explored in his new single ‘Skali Lagi’ (‘One More Time’). It occupies its murkiest depths, shifting away from the detached solitude of the first single into the concept of codependency: how it can drive people to do things that hurt themselves and everyone else. In ‘Skali Lagi’, ALYPH illustrates the familiar struggle of searching your way out of the darkness — how easy it is to be in a destructive habit as long as it reprieves you of sorrow, even for a little while.

‘III/III’ is now available on all major music platforms since 3 September 2021 and the Official Music Video, ‘Skali Lagi’ which features an intimate portrayal of a relationship, resonates with many who are familiar with darkness, destruction, and dependence, has recently been premiered on ALYPH’s YouTube channel. “They both really are deeply into each other, but something is holding them back,” says ALYPH. “You feel the tension in the air. You feel like they both know that, but it cannot happen.”

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