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The all-new Pizza Hut Melts

Pizza Hut is entering a new food category with its all-new Pizza Hut Melts – a  cheesy, crispy calzone-like wrap crust loaded with a choice of four different varieties of toppings, and served with a perfectly paired dip. The new product is part of the brand’s strategy to expand its consumer base beyond occasional diners, who tend to see Pizza Hut as a celebratory dining destination.

Kim Lim, Director of Universal Studios-Malaysia, Angel (Dolla), Sabronzo (Dolla),Tabby (Dolla), Syasya (Dolla) Emily Chong, Chief Marketing Officer of Pizza Hut.

The Melts introduces a whole new range within the brand making it more accessible for those on the go and drawing in a large crowd of young consumers. To do so,  Pizza Hut has teamed up with the Malaysian pop group ‘DOLLA’. The girl group has been appointed as product ambassadors for Pizza Hut Melts.

Ms. Emily Chong, Chief Marketing Officer of Pizza Hut.

Ms. Emily Chong, Chief Marketing Officer of Pizza Hut said, “Melts is designed for the busy on-the-go lifestyle of young Malaysians who crave a cheesy meal but may not have the time to enjoy a whole pizza. Pizza Hut is focused on being more than just an occasional treat. We aim to become a contemporary, everyday meal option, and the Melts, are a perfect vehicle for this strategy. They are quick, tasty, and lend themselves to both solo and group diners, which is something our research shows is on trend.”

The four Pizza Hut Melts flavors; BBQ Chicken, Chicken Mania, Surf’s Up, and Aloha Lover are priced from RM16.90 for ala carte, from RM17.50 with dipping sauce, and RM18.90 for a MyBox Melts set, which includes a side and a drink.

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