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Winner of Miss UniWorld 2023 – Karla Majam (Philippines)

Celebrating beauty, talent, and passion all under one roof,  Miss UniWorld concluded a momentous grand finale at the JW Marriott Hotel in Kuala Lumpur last weekend; 17-year-old Karla Majam from the Philippines adorned the Queen of Kilimanjaro crown worth USD400,000, claiming victory as the official Miss UniWorld 2023 winner. 

Miss UniWorld CEO, Roslan Rosdi, CEO of Miss UniWorld said, “Miss UniWorld is more than just a beauty pageant; it’s a platform for women to showcase their talents, share their stories, and make a positive impact on the world. Karla Majam has the qualities we are looking for, and we look forward to seeing the positive impact she will have as Miss UniWorld 2023.”

From left – 1st Runner up – Anastasija Aleksejevska (Latvia), Winner of Miss UniWorld 2023 – Karla Majam (Philippines) and 2nd Runner up – Makuna Amashukeli (Georgia)

The Miss UniWorld pageant boasted a panel of judges, composed of renowned personalities from the fashion and entertainment industries, who carefully evaluated each contestant, ensuring a fair and thorough selection process that upholds the integrity and prestige of Miss UniWorld.

Karla Majam shares, “I am profoundly honored to take on the title of Miss UniWorld 2023 and wear the Queen of Kilimanjaro crown. This victory symbolizes so much more than personal achievement – it signifies a promise to uphold the values of Miss UniWorld and serve as an advocate for positive change. This journey will be dedicated to empowering women, fostering cultural exchange, and driving global impact. I’m excited for the opportunities ahead and eager to use this platform to inspire and make a difference.”

Winner of Miss UniWorld 2023 – Karla Majam (Philippines)

The newly crowned Miss UniWorld 2023 will receive an impressive prize package along with a replica of the Queen of Kilimanjaro crown. Ecstatic to embark on the journey as a global ambassador of Miss UniWorld, Karla Majam is more than ready to carry the torch of empowerment and cultural exchange across the globe.

Check out the list of Miss UniWorld 2023 Winners here:
  • Winner of Miss UniWorld 2023 – Karla Majam (Philippines)
  • 1st Runner up – Anastasija Aleksejevska (Latvia)
  • 2nd Runner up – Makuna Amashukeli (Georgia)
  • 3rd Runner up – Viktoria Lizo (Germany)
  • 4th Runner Up – Sezen Destina (Turkey)
Subsidiary Titles:
  • Miss Photogenic – Daria Fomichora (Lithuania)
  • Miss Charming – Catherine Lai Hui Yi (Malaysia)
  • Miss Natural Beauty – Anastasia Viktorivra Kryzhanovskaya (Ukraine)
  • Miss Glamorous – Anastasija Aleksejevska (Latvia)
  • Best Catwalk – Karla Majam (Philippines)
  • Best Evening Gown – Anastasija Aleksejevska (Latvia)
  • Best Talent – Isabel Dugenest Assiego (Spain)
  • Best National Costume – Rulan Nazibar (Indonesia)

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