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Tradition has always been at threat of being extinguished by the unrelenting march of modernisation. This Raya, PETRONAS brought to the forefront the importance of our traditional roots and its continued relevance in the contemporary world, all through a message-packed 10 minutes video.

From its launch on Apr 3 to date, the video has picked up over a million views with overwhelmingly positive feedback. The story revolves around a man by the name of Nadim, refusing to carry on the legacy of his father who excelled in making and playing the Gambus, a traditional Malay musical instrument.

In the abridged version of the story, Nadim explores his initial revulsion at playing the instrument in a band, feeling inferior over his peers who mastered the arts of western musical instruments. He eventually overcame his fear after witnessing the abject sorrow of his father, and decided to step up and champion his tradition.

Dilemma Irama is a roller coaster ride of pure comedy and emotions. Behind the success of the video is none other than renowned local director Hyrul Anwar. According to him, the video was inspired by his tenuous relationship with his late father, and the ending represented the closure he never had.

During the event, PETRONAS Chairman Datin Anita Azrina Abdul Aziz also stressed the moral values inherent within tradition, which continues to make it relevant, now more than ever.


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