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Postpartum & Antenatal Bootcamp With Parenthood & Nippon Paint

In honor of this year’s Mother’s Day, Nippon Paint Malaysia Sdn Bhd (“Nippon Paint”) explored the transformative influence of colors, acknowledging their capacity to establish nurturing atmospheres that foster emotional equilibrium and wellness for both mothers and children. In the wake of the pandemic, there has been a growing emphasis on mental well-being, with individuals increasingly seeking to cultivate safe havens, especially within their homes. Research underscores the profound psychological impact of colors on human mood and behavior, underscoring the importance of mindful color selections. Nippon Paint remains committed to this year’s theme of Color Trends, encouraging individuals to adopt a lifestyle where they can live better, feel better, and ultimately evolve into better versions of themselves.

Addressing the issue of postpartum depression in Malaysia, Nippon Paint emphasized the significance of creating a supportive and calming environment for mothers during this crucial phase. Unfortunately, postpartum depression affects a notable percentage of Malaysian women, as well as millions globally each year, particularly within the first year after childbirth. The recovery environment significantly influences a mother’s ability to bond with her baby. Jo-Lynn Yap, Senior Manager of Group Colour Leadership & Strategic Marketing at NIPSEA, highlighted, “As much as we understand the impact of colors on our psychology, we aim to demonstrate to all mothers how colors can uplift their mood and enhance their living spaces, creating sanctuaries for both the baby and themselves.”

Jo-Lynn Yap, Senior Manager of Group Colour Leadership & Strategic Marketing at NIPSEA giving a talk

With Malaysian adults spending a significant portion of their time indoors, particularly children who spend the majority of their time inside, the quality of indoor spaces is paramount for overall well-being. Interior design and wall colors play a crucial role in mental health and wellness. Nippon Paint’s Spot-less Plus, a hydrophilic stain-repellent paint, not only provides high water and stain resistance but also combats viruses and bacteria, contributing to safer and healthier indoor environments.

Gloria Soong, Color Studio Manager at Nippon Paint Malaysia, emphasized the company’s commitment to supporting mothers by creating spaces that enhance their living environments. Nippon Paint’s innovative wellness range, including the Odour-less AirCare range and VirusGuard, offers solutions tailored to the needs of busy families, providing protection against indoor pollutants and viruses while maintaining low VOC levels.

Nippon Paint brochures and products

As Malaysia’s leading paint brand for families, Nippon Paint reaffirms its dedication to supporting families across the country. Their vision for the year is not only to create safe and healthy environments but also to craft the Most Beautiful Homes.

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