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Group Photo at the launch

Blackbixon Sdn Bhd (BlackBixon), a brand under Ni Hsin Resources Berhad’s (Ni Hsin),  has signed a brand partnership agreement with Koperasi Tenaga dan Petroliam Berhad (KTP)  to grow the market for the ‘BlackBixon’ energy coffee drink in the oil and gas industry. 

Through this partnership, BlackBixon drinks will be retailing at various onshore and offshore oil and gas locations owned by members of KTP. This agreement will benefit members of the cooperative, who now have another source of income through their participation in the BlackBixon business.

BlackBixon represents the first venture by Ni Hsin into the F&B industry, with other plans to grow the business regionally, given the heightened interest in energy drinks combined with the coffee-drinking culture of today. Subsequently, Ni Hsin also filed for a patent for BlackBixon’s invention, which includes the composition for boosting energy level, anti-fatigue and boosting mental alertness as well as use of the composition to secure competitive advantage for its F&B business in selling products using the invention.

“As BlackBixon’s Brand Partner, KTP offers extensive networking and marketplace, primarily among the oil & gas and energy sectors. KTP also has an online business platform called edagang. We are optimistic this growing online business platform will further enhance the visibility of and offer business opportunities for BlackBixon.  We view this Brand Partnership Agreement between KTP and BlackBixon as synergistic for both parties. Together, we are POWERING THE ENERGY PEOPLE!”  Mr. Khoo Chee Kong, Managing Director of BlackBixon.


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