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Film producer, Aaron Lim

Award-winning local film, C144 Human x Nature, collaborated with Mah Meri Cultural Village and GSC to premiere the special screening of the movie in GSC Paradigm Mall.  During the event, Film director, Jack Wong; C144’s film producer, Aaron Lim; and the C114 casts were present to launch the movie. The producers claimed that other than Malaysia, 12 countries such as Japan, Korea, China, and a few others from the European regions had shown interest in premiering C144 Human x Nature in their country.

Cast of C144

Unlike any other local film, C144 brought home four international awards such as  “Best Film in Nature/Environment/Wildlife” in World Film Carnival Singapore 2021; “Best Writer” in Alternative Film Festival Canada 2020; “Best Cinematography” in Cinematic European Film Festival 2021; and “Best Feature Film” in Eastern Europe Film Festival 2020.

Film director, Jack Wong

With that being said, Producers of C144 Human x Nature, Redboy Pictures, will be working on two new upcoming projects including – Metropolitan, which will be produced with the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia; and Kenyir, which will be produced alongside the Malaysian Army. The film will premiere in Hollywood this coming April, breaking yet another historical record for bringing local films to the international stage.

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