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NCT Alliance, an agile and forward-looking property developer, has taken a significant step forward in contributing to the Malaysian sports industry by naming two of the country’s most promising young badminton players, Man Wei Chong and Tee Kai Wun, as its brand ambassadors. This strategic partnership demonstrates NCT Alliance’s commitment to nurturing and inspiring young athletes, paving the way for a brighter future in Malaysian sports. 

Dato’ Sri Yap Ngan Choy, NCT Alliance’s Group Managing Director emphasized the company’s long-standing commitment to excellence and innovation. He said “We are proud to stand alongside our future champions as they embark on a relentless journey to make the nation proud. Our collaboration with Man Wei Chong and Tee Kai Wun  reflects our belief in their talent, and we are proud to stand alongside them in  propelling their growth and supporting their success on the global stage.” 

The collaboration marks the beginning of NCT Alliance’s significant sports endeavors. NCT Alliance has partnered with Petaling Badminton Club (Petaling BC)  to unveil an inspiring initiative. A nationwide series of badminton tournaments including the prestigious Road to NCT Junior Badminton Championship, aimed at nurturing the champions of tomorrow. The tournament is set to kick off with a youth category, targeting participants aged 9 to 16 years old.  

“Our commitment to empowering young talent extends beyond individual sponsorships, it expands into creating platforms for the younger generation to shine and excel. The Road to NCT Junior Badminton Championship embodies our dedication to shaping the future of Malaysian badminton and fostering a legacy of excellence,” concluded Dato’ Sri Yap Ngan Choy. 

To further ignite the spirit of sportsmanship among Malaysians, participants of the  Road to NCT Junior Badminton Championship will also stand a chance to experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, an all-inclusive trip to the 2024 Olympic Games in  Paris, an experience of unparalleled significance. 

Tan Sri Mohamad Norza, President of BAM, who is the guest of honor for the event, expressed his support for initiatives contributing to the development of young talent in the country, particularly through sports. “I commend NCT Alliance for their dedication to empowering our youth through sports,” he stated. “This collaboration, as well as the upcoming Road to NCT Junior Badminton Championship, represents positive steps forward for a brighter future in Malaysian sports as we invest in our  next generation of champions.” 

NCT Alliance remains steadfast in its commitment to creating opportunities for young talent in Malaysia. The Group has a long-term goal of contributing to a holistic society through sports development and is driven to sustain its efforts in bringing communities together. 

To find out more about NCT Alliance’s contribution towards sports as well as the upcoming Road to NCT Junior Badminton Championship, please visit 

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