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Experience the mesmerizing magic of Natalie Black, the acclaimed British sensation, as she captivates the audience in Kuala Lumpur with her spectacular “ADELE TRIBUTE HOMETOWN GLORY” show on October 17, 2023. Renowned for her extraordinary talent, sterling reputation, and unmatched stage presence, Natalie Black is the epitome of a star perfectly suited to honor the legendary Adele.

Natalie Black has been performing as Adele since 2011, going on tours with her multitalented band worldwide and showing the world her amazing talent at many prestigious events. The singer has a very similar and natural likeliness to Adele in looks and voice which creates a persona that becomes a stunning performance tributing Adele’s most beloved songs. 

Black has received multiple national awards, including  “Best Tribute Act to Adele” at the National Tribute Music Awards, and has captivated audiences worldwide. “The best tribute to Adele by a country mile,” critics called it. It is no surprise the multi-award-winning star has garnered a healthy following for the upcoming show. 

The star’s journey has been a successful one being internationally known and admired for her graces and exceptional talent. From Bahrain to the Netherlands to Greece and several other countries, Natalie’s talent goes beyond expectations. Her ongoing theater tour through the United Kingdom has solidified her reputation as a performer. Malaysia is next on her list to amaze and grace with her talent while making her mark with a trio of captivating performances. There is no doubt that Natalie’s talent can and will only rise from where she is now.

The highly anticipated event will be at The Platform, KEN TTDI on 17 October 2023, where Natalie Black will transport the audience into the world of Adele with chart-topping hits from her infamous albums. Prepare to be moved by the iconic classics, When We Were Young,’ ‘Rolling in The Deep,’ ‘Make You Feel My Love,’ ‘Someone Like You.’ and many others. 

Malaysia is proud to be contributing to the execution of this event, especially Malaysia Airlines, for flying the tribute star and her entire cast to the grand occasion. Melbourne Capital Group, Yamaha Music, Malaysian British Society, and several others are also given appreciation for their invaluable support. 

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