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Venice Min (Commercial Model) – mixologist robot gimmick & Brenson Tay, Executive Director of Focus Dynamics

Focus Dynamics Group Berhad (Focus Dynamics) introduced a state-of-the-art robotic bartender that not only serves as an attraction for visitors but also ensures a precise mix of ingredients for a perfect cocktail. The robotic bartender, MixoBot, will be the centerpiece of Lavo, one of the Group’s resto lounge and wine atelier. The MixoBot can be programed by a professional world-class mixologist within minutes to deliver perfect cocktails every time, without fail.  

MixoBot’s Robotic Arm

The MixoBot’s main feature is its robotic arm that concocts drinks from a selected menu. MixoBot uses its flexible arms to mix drinks in charmingly choreographed movements that add a flair of attractiveness to the bar station. The technology that MixoBot possesses is aimed at mimicking the human hand while flawlessly shaking and mixing drinks.  

With a promising growth rate of Malaysia’s food and beverage market, Focus Dynamics aims to add an additional revenue channel to its current business by leasing MixoBot to interested restaurants. Adopting MixoBot could greatly increase beverage revenue of any restaurant by 50 percent.  

Venice Min (Commercial Model)

Brenson Tay, Executive Director of Focus Dynamics, said, “Flair bartending has always charmed restaurant patrons and MixoBot aims to do exactly that. Bartenders sometimes may not be as precise as a robot. Customers return drinks to the bar station due to ingredients proportioned that might not suit their taste. The returned drinks cost money to the bar and we hope the MixoBot is able to help eliminate this problem – not only for us but for the restaurants MixoBot serves.” 

To experience the MixoBot in action, book a table at Lavo through the GemSpot mobile application that is available on Apple Store and Google Play Store. 

Adam Ham, CEO of GCMA at the launch of Mixobot

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