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Gala Premier of Mechamato Movie

MONSTA and Astro Shaw produced The Mechamoto Movie with  the support of Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) which will hit cinemas in Malaysia and Brunei on 8 December. In international shores, the Mechamoto received grand reception by Japanese fans was listed in the TOP 3 Tokyo Anime Award Festival, the only foreign animation series in the list.

Mechamoto Movie tells the tale of Amato (BoboiBoy’s father) as a young boy who meets MechaBot a powerful robot with the ability to ‘Mechanize’ everyday objects into high-tech devices. With Mechabot, Amato has to defear the evil cybernetic alien called Grakakus who is after MechaBot’s powers.

Adam Ham (left), Publisher of Kr8tif Express with Nizam Abd Razak (right), CEO of MONSTA and Raja Jastina Raja Arshad, Vice President, Head of Astro Shaw & Malay Nusantara Business

The Chief Executive Officer of MONSTA, Nizam Abd Razak, the writer and director of this film said, “It is MONSTA’s ambition to empower Malaysian culture through ‘Mechamato Movie’. The main setting of this film (Kota Hilir) was insipired by the architecture of Bandar Hilir and Kota Melaka. MONSTA also showcase various traditional elements such as the destar, keris, trishaw and the famous karipap in hopes that the global audiences will fall in love with the uniqueness of Malaysia.”

Popular local artist, Yonnyboii singing the Mechamato Movie Theme Song titled Temaniku

Similar to the previous films, MONSTA consistently instills positive values in each of their 3D animated works. This time as well, the Mechamoto Movie clearly portrays the power of believing in yourself, bravery in facing tough times and promote the classic never give up until you succeed.

Meanwhile, Vice President, Head of Astro Shaw & Malay Nusantara Business, Raja Jastina Raja Arshad stated, “We are very excited to release this animated film that fans have been eagerly waiting for. As a co-producer, marketer and distributor of the film,  Astro Shaw has good faith in local animation productions such as MONSTA.”

Cast and Crew of Mechamato Movie at Gala Premier

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