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McMillan Woods Global immediately responded to the plea for help from the Sg. Buloh Hospital, requiring life-saving equipment – The Bronchoscope, used primarily to treat collapse consolidation and to acquire an accurate diagnosis of infection. With the rising number of ventilated cases and expanding severity, the hospital requires more bronchoscopes in different ICUs so that multiple cases can be treated at the same time.

As the nation is still embroiled in political crisis on top of the growing daily new COVID-19 cases, McM Cares believes that we must now come together and act in the present, navigating through the fault lines that have been exposed as well as those that lie ahead, as we rebuild a better future where every hospital is well equipped with adequate healthcare facilities. The future of our nation will be determined not by the impact of the pandemic, rather, by how we collectively respond to it.


Hence, responding to the call for help from the Sungai Buloh Hospital, by Dr. Kuldip Kaur for an urgent need of another bronchoscope, McM Cares Founder, Dato’ Seri Dr. Raymond Liew quickly gathered a few generous donors with the help of Dato’ Sri Shamir Nandy to raise the funds needed to purchase the very specialized medical equipment from Germany. Delivery of the bronchoscope took some 2-3 weeks.

Dato’ Seri Dr. Raymond Liew, founder of the McM Cares program and McMillan Woods Global, said, “Under our McM Cares program, we believe in a joint effort by both the medical doctors and the financial aid raised. We are pleased to announce that the pooled fund collected exceeded the target.”

Dato’ Seri Dr. Raymond Liew, President of MCM Cares and Dr Kuldip A/P Prem Singh, Hospital Director of Hospital Sungai Buloh

He added, “On behalf of McMillan Woods, I wish to accord our heartfelt gratitude to all our generous contributors especially, Dato’ Sri Shamir Nandy, Dato’ Dr. Lai Kim Teng, Dato’ Kay Johan, Perdana University, Dato’ Azizan Jaffar, Dato’ Sri Albert Wong, Jasmine Hew, Dato’ Sri Dr. How Kok Choong, Dato’ Razman, Jeevan Mohana Sundram, Dato’ Siva Ananthan, William Arul, Datuk CTY, Dato’ Paul Ow, Shweta Nandy, Raje, McMea, Jane Leong, Tan Soon Kiat, and Philp Lim. On behalf of the patients from Sungai Buloh Hospital, Thank You for your generous contributions. Each of you is like an angel to them.”

Dato’ Seri Dr. Raymond Liew, President of MCM Cares, Dr Kuldip A/P Prem Singh, Hospital Director of Hospital Sungai Buloh and Dato’ Sri Shamir Nandy

Pandemic times

Generally, many of us are kind-hearted Malaysians, and we sprouted across the country to offer a helping hand to those in need during these unprecedented times. Through its immense efforts, the McM Cares program was able to exceed the fundraising target of RM137,370 and managed to raise RM150,000. With the small surplus of RM12,630, Liew decided to top it up to RM20,000 to support the struggling hawker stalls and feeding the hungry souls who have suffered amid the pandemic through the Yayasan Food Bank Malaysia.

Liew opines that he hopes more Malaysians, especially corporations, will come forward to provide aid not only to the frontliners and the starving poor people but to those in need during this pandemic, the likes of the hawkers, homeless, jobless, and even the students who are stranded in their university campus with the clampdown of the many MCOs among many others.

Dato’ Seri Dr. Raymond Liew, President of MCM Cares handing over the Bronchoscope to Hospital Sungai Buloh

Liew and his team wish to express their concerns for the safety and wellbeing not only of the infected patients but those who are severely affected during this ever-worsening Covid-19 pandemic. We do hope that the funds raised will at least ease the burden of the affected communities.

“McM Cares” Program is a CSR initiative driven by McMillan Woods Global that has contributed over RM1.5 million since its inception to various charitable causes. The program aims to address the global challenges of climate change, education, and poverty alleviation with the slogan of “Giving is not just about donating, but it’s about making a difference to other deserving souls.”

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