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Malaysia-China Business Council (MCBC) Education Bureau

The Malaysia-China Business Council (MCBC) Education Bureau is planning to host an opportunity for 20 Malaysian youths of any ethnicity (ages 17-20) to take an educational trip filled with culture and educational exploration to China under the Malaysia-China Edu Cultural Exchange Program on June/July 2022, (upon the opening of China borders) under strict SOPs and safety measures. A similar exchange program will be organized for youths from China to visit Malaysia.

With China being the fastest growing economy and also the biggest global market in the 21st century, Malaysian youths will experience what sets China and Malaysia apart and what life is like in the fast lane of China’s triumphant nation. The chosen youths will get to embark on a journey filled with cultural exploration and culinary expeditions. Apart from enjoying the sights that China has to offer, the Malaysian youths will also be given the prospect of developing soft skills that can be taken with them down the road and into any profession.

Over the span of 8 days, 20 well-deserving youths will be granted the golden opportunity to visit some of China’s reputable brands such as Huawei’s in Beijing, as well as the NIO electric vehicle, where the youths can witness the EV that is made in China. Among the to-do list includes taking a trip back into the past by sightseeing historic monuments such as China’s Forbidden City.

The participants will also be guided through a world of educational wonderment at the Beijing Film Academy, Tsinghua University, and Communication University China. The chosen youths will also receive an introduction of Tik Tok at Beijing’s and experience a 5-hour journey from Beijing to Shanghai in China’s high-speed train service in which they will travel for a sightseeing tour of Shanghai and the Incubator hub. In this educational tour, these participants will get a first-hand experience of the smart cities (Beijing and Shanghai), where there is full 5G network coverage. The youths will also get to unwind with delectable treats and meals Hosted by the Ambassador of Malaysia to China (TBC).

Datuk TS Yong, Chairperson of the MCBC Educational Bureau, said, “Empowering the leaders of tomorrow is essential for the growth of the country. Through the Malaysia-China Edu Cultural Exchange Program, MCBC aims to further reinforce international cultural exchange while providing these youths with a rare opportunity to gain experience and learn how prominent businesses in China operate successfully. This program also helps young entrepreneurial talents to acquire a clear image as to how these giant companies operate on a day-to-day basis, as well as the strategies they have implied to be a global success. MCBC will continue hosting new projects to empower and educate the youths in Malaysia in addition to bridging commercial businesses between Malaysia and China.”

This outstanding program offers students the opportunity to experience the culture, history, and people of a different country; giving them the platform to explore and enjoy another country’s lifestyle while having a greater appreciation for their nation.

MCBC is accepting applications from now until 30 January 2022. Students are welcome to register their interest by sending an email to and The MCBC Education Bureau will then send a follow-up email requesting supporting documents, followed by a series of questions to all applicants before determining the top 20 candidates.

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