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Opening of Le Shrimp Noodle Bar Suria KLCC

The very first Japanese ramen eatery in Malaysia Le Shrimp Noodle Bar, presents an array of noodle and rice bowl selections at affordable prices starting from RM12.90.

Le Shrimp Noodle Bar by local dining chain ParaThai & LèTen which was recently opened at Suria KLCC. This marks the noodle bar’s fourth outlet which introduces a novel culinary blend of Japanese and Chinese influences. Their unique offering boasts a specialty shrimp broth paired with delicate Chinese la mian noodles, appealing to diners with a fusion of flavors and dining experiences.

Long queues At The Opening of Le Shrimp Noodle Bar Suria KLCC

The centerpiece of Le Shrimp Noodle Bar’s menu focuses on its meticulously crafted shrimp broths, prepared with premium ingredients such as oven-baked big prawns, and top-quality conpoy that undergo an eight-hour simmering process infused with a medley of spices for an umami-rich taste profile.

For prawn enthusiasts, the Le Signature Trio Shrimp Ramen (RM37.90) is a must-try, featuring succulent big prawns, ebiko prawn paste, and handmade prawn dumplings in a flavorful shrimp broth with Chinese noodles. Alternatively, diners can indulge in the Thick Chicken Broth Ramen, made from a collagen-rich chicken broth simmered for over eight hours, and served with crispy chicken karaage.

Interior of Le Shrimp Noodle Bar Suria KLCC

Other standout dishes include the Ebiko Prawn Ball Tossed Ramen (RM29.90), crafted from freshly made ebiko prawn paste, and the Big Prawn & Braised Scallion Soy Chicken Ramen (RM35.90), showcasing tender braised chicken thigh alongside fresh big prawns.

Le Shrimp Noodle Bar offers the Garlic Honey Soy Chicken Wing Garlic Rice Bowl (RM22.90) to complement the mains, featuring crispy-fried chicken wings and fragrant garlic-infused rice.

The restaurant’s ambiance takes inspiration from the Tsukiji Fish Market, featuring warm lighting, wall murals, and a casual setting adorned with dark timber and vibrant graffiti, creating an inviting dining atmosphere for guests to enjoy their meals.

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