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Five-time FINA World Masters gold medalist and  Former Malaysian swimming champion, Cindy Ong, will be auctioning her very own private NFT collection titled “Cindy Ong Swimmer –  My Private Collection” on 20 March 2022. Initially photographed as her own private collection, the 999 private collectable images of Cindy Ong will launch on Opensea as an initiative to raise funds for the people of Ukraine.

Feeling for the Ukrainians, Cindy took the initiative to use NFT to provide financial assistance to the country. The collection will also be featuring a framed swimsuit worn by Cindy during her gold medal-winning feat and five special NFTs to be auctioned.

Cindy stated that, “I believe NFTs are the best way for ordinary folks like ourselves to help Ukraine because sending cryptocurrency does not require middlemen or banks. Ukraine has set up an ERC-20 wallet to receive such funds and I have decided to help.”

She also added, “I will now release most of these rare collectables into the public domain as NFTs in support of Ukraine and also in support of all the causes I hold near and dear to my heart, namely #OwnYourBody, #WomenEmpowerment, #Strong and #ControlYourDestiny.”

For further info of the NFT collection do contact Kevin at 012 2087220 for media liaison and general enquiries; Melvin at 012 3815980 for NFT-related enquiries.

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