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Malaysian pharmaceutical company, Covid Medicare Support Inc., is confirmed to be the liaison of the C-Vx–Immuno X vaccine that was recently introduced during the signing of the manufacturing agreement that was witnessed by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob and Senior Minister cum International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali. 

Initiated as a cancer treatment study, the C-Vx–Immuno X vaccine has been redeveloped to be the multiple viral antigens for the prevention and cure of COVID-19. Throughout the past two years of developing the vaccine, C-VX-Immuno X has been developing the perfect vaccine formula with consideration towards the latest COVID-19 variants, allowing infected individuals to recover from the virus.

The study found that a single dose of C-Vx – Immuno X that was given to the infected volunteers resulted in the absence of COVID-19 in their bodies. The vaccine instantly eliminates COVID-19 viruses that target the formation of the IGG antibody formation which is an anti-inflammatory antibody in uninfected individuals. Those who showed symptoms after their first jabs were given a second dose and were able to recover from there. 

Created by a non-toxic natural formula, C-Vx – Immuno X is soon to be used as a booster c vaccine to heighten antibodies that fight inflammation in our bodies. According to them, the natural and unique combination of formulas will provide receivers immunization from COVID-19 for up to 11 months.  

Through this arrangement, Covid Medicare Support Inc. will be the sole distributor of the vaccine to 48 countries in all of Asia, as well as Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Macau, and Hongkong, after fulfilling pre-booked countries such as Dubai, Turkey, and Libya. 

Dato’ Mike Loh, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Covid Medicare Support Inc

Dato’ Mike Loh, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Covid Medicare Support Inc, stated,  “This invention by C-Vx–Immuno X will be a game-changing vaccine for the world will be very useful for all infected and non infected individuals. The unique formula that was initially created for cancer treatment has now been redeveloped  to cure COVID-19, and it is soon to obtain Food and Drug Administration from several countries. With that said, I hope that once the vaccine has been released all over the world, there will be a significant decline in COVID-19 cases globally.”

During the MOU signing between Covid Medicare Support Inc and Acquest Laboratory in Bangkok, it was revealed that Miracle Labs (Turkey) and Acquest Healthcare Stem Cells R&D (Thailand) are official partners in the development of the vaccine. On another note, it was also agreed that Acquest Laboratory will be the official manufacturing facility based in Thailand. 

Interested parties may contact Dato’ Mike Loh at for further information & queries. 

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