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Cast of PULAU

Produced under a strategic collaboration between Filmforce Studio, My Way Pictures and WebTVAsia, the new Malaysian horror thriller film ‘PULAU’ will be out in cinemas starting 9 March 2023, with GSC Movies as the official distributor. 

The film is set to enter the Southeast Asian market with Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand confirmed to be part of neighbouring countries that will screen it. This success does not only witness a positive start for ‘PULAU’, but is also seen as a catalyst for setting a new benchmark in empowering Malaysian-made films on the world stage.

Press Conference at PULAU Gala Premiere

PULAU’, received a creative touch from the talented director, Euho and featured Puovin and Tommy Loh as the scriptwriters. The film which features local stars Amelia Henderson and Alif Satar as the lead cast, boasts a unique storyline which is different from any existing typical Malay film, alongside various elements and thrilling actions that will surely entertain the viewers along the way.

Fred Chong, Producer and Euho, Director of PULAU

“After working hard for a long time to make this project a success, Pulau finally managed to get the P13 classification. I would like to thank the Film Censorship Board of Malaysia and Finas for their professionalism. I hope that the audiences would not judge the film before getting the tickets and watching it themselves,” commented Fred Chong, the film’s producer. 

‘PULAU’ tells a story of a group of youngsters that encounter an endless series of real-life nightmares after losing a bet on a remote island. During their joint vacation, the group come across a mysterious abandoned village by accident where they recklessly break an old spell. One by one, they become victims as a result of their thoughtless move for causing an ancient evil entity on the island to be angered. 

Alif Satar and Amelia Henderson

In the near future, fans will also have the opportunity to meet and greet with the cast of ‘PULAU’ which is set to tour in selected states throughout Malaysia including Johor, Melaka, and Negeri Sembilan. More details about the tour as well as the film’s exclusive content will be shared from time to time via the film’s official social media account.


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