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The Malaysia Influential Women Entrepreneurs (MIWE) 2022/23 Recognition Ceremony, held on 17th December 2023 by Majlis Tindakan Pengguna Negara (MTPN) at Geno Hotel Subang Jaya, marks a momentous celebration of female entrepreneurship, showcasing exceptional achievements and fostering a community of empowerment and collaboration.

The event commenced with the official launch of the MIWE program, an initiative aimed at recognizing and empowering women entrepreneurs in Malaysia. This program is not only a recognition, but also a platform to build the personal branding of women entrepreneurs themselves and also a networking platform to widen the business network as we gather all the professionals from various industries, government agencies as speakers, and VVIPs. This inauguration set the stage for an enriching day filled with impactful discussions, inspirational stories, and valuable networking opportunities.

Distinguished keynote speakers from various industries shared their invaluable insights, experiences, and strategies, providing attendees with a wealth of knowledge essential for success in the entrepreneurial landscape. The ceremony reached its pinnacle with the heartfelt recognition of the MIWE winners, shining a spotlight on their remarkable journeys and accomplishments.

“MIWE is a program under the Women Development Bureau in MTPN, which aims to help connect women entrepreneurs in Malaysia and we hope that with this program, we can help women entrepreneurs develop their businesses not only in Malaysia but also internationally. This recognition ceremony was a testament to the resilience, innovation, and determination of women in entrepreneurship. It was inspiring to witness the impact created by these remarkable women,” said the Chairlady of Malaysia Influential Women Entrepreneurs, Puan Nur Saimah Binti Saimin.

The networking session served as a pivotal platform for participants to connect, exchange ideas, and cultivate meaningful relationships within the entrepreneurial community. Attendees embraced the opportunity to engage in fruitful conversations, fostering a supportive environment conducive to growth and collaboration. The event culminated with a delightful lunch, fostering camaraderie among attendees and further solidifying connections forged throughout the day.

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