Malaysia Excellence Brand Celebrity Award Winner – Loreen Ling’s Road To Success

by Kevin Chong
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Loreen Ling, Founder & Managing Director of Be Quinn Global Sdn Bhd

A modest entrepreneur of over 13 years, Loreen Ling was recently granted the Malaysia Excellence Brand Celebrity Award for outstanding performances in her business and acknowledged as a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs to follow. Though most people perceive that successful business people come from wealthy families, Loreen, the multi-award-winning entrepreneur, is here to prove that given some ambition, anyone can triumph. Kr8tif Express has decided to dive deeper to get a better picture of the journey that inspirational industry leaders such as Loreen have taken to get where they are.

Loreen Ling is the Founder & Managing Director of a health and beauty company called Be Quinn Global Sdn Bhd, founded five years ago in Sarawak. Initially, she started the company by selling China products on various online platforms until just two years ago – she decided to take it to the next step and develop her own brand, Lumina. Since then, she has seen huge success, and her business has increased seven folds since the Covid-19 pandemic. Loreen claims that the significant leap in sales was because more people relied on online platforms to purchase goods as they were forced to stay home.

But her road to success was an uphill battle and most people don’t get to hear this part of the story. About two years ago, Loreen made a tough yet crucial decision to venture her business into the hustling and bustling city of Kuala Lumpur, leaving her husband and children back in Sarawak because of the uncertainty that follows and not wanting her family to bear living in an uncomfortable environment. Arriving in KL, all she had was a rented apartment in which she stored all her stocks, her apartment was only furnished with a bed where she slept by herself with her stocks piled up next to her. Just as she started seeing progress with her business, the Covid-19 pandemic took Malaysia by storm, putting an economic halt on businesses all over the world.

Loreen Ling – Malaysia Excellence Brand Celebrity Award Winner

“As a mother who had to be away from her family, especially my children, depression and separation anxiety is bound to happen but keeping sights on my end goal and striving through the hard times is the thing that kept me going. I urge all women to strive for their goals despite all the obstacles that you may face, stick to it and success will come your way,” she said.

Loreen took an intelligent initiative by investing in eye vitamins following reports from WHO that reported eye diseases would become the most common disease in the next few years due to excessive exposure to electronic and digital screens; and with the pandemic at hand, people are obliged to work from home and attend classes from home, there was an overbearing number of people having to stare at their screens a majority of the time, a rising number of eye diseases patients became apparent. As someone who suffered from lazy eye disorder since she was a young child, starting her very own brand to combat issues revolving around the disorder was always a mission of hers, as only children below 8 years of age were treated and cured from this disease.

Loreen said, “Most people that are looking to start a business already have a rough idea of how to run it; however, thoughts alone aren’t enough and aspiring business people must take that first step – the term in this case would be ‘actions speak louder than thoughts.’ In addition to that, what I think is a crucial piece of advice is to not overthink or over complicate the process. Go forward with what you have planned and don’t let any distractions and obstacles get in your way.”

Loreen Ling among other award winners

“What are you willing to give to achieve what you want? If you are not prepared to give everything you can, then you should not do it, because oftentimes it results in a waste of time. Be consistent, persistent, and passionate about what you want. You cannot just do it for money – If you do it based solely on money and profit, you will eventually lose interest, passion, and motivation. It’s like chasing money that might never come,” she added.

With the launch of her product, Lumina Loreen decided to also pay it forward with Project Hope in which she gave out a hundred free spectacles to impoverished children and educated them on how to correctly use electronic and digital items. This was because, in her schooling days, a businessman did the same for her school, and because of that, she became aware of her condition, and now it is her turn to pass the deed. Apart from that, has also done numerous philanthropy projects – donating to hospitals, schools, and orphanages, to name a few. Due to the pandemic, Loreen had to find other ways to carry out her CSR project and recently, she sponsored a school magazine that highlights the top students to motivate these children to do better.

Loreen Ling among other award winners

“I encourage everyone to do their part in building a better environment for the next generation, it is our responsibility after all. With Asia still being a traditional continent, I think it is about time that we all start accepting gender equality and be more open towards the possibility of a role change in the household – whether it is a stay-at-home dad, with the mom being the breadwinner or vice versa, they should both be acceptable in this day and age. Stereotyping women need to come to a stop, it traps us and prevents us from advancing. Being in the 21st century, equality among men and women needs to be empowered and normalized for the sake of our children” Loreen exclaims.

It was definitely not an easy task for Loreen to leave her family behind as she strived for success as she claims arguing was common and it was important for them to attain middle ground at the end of the day. “I believe there is no such thing as balance between career and family, there is only compromise and working things out with your spouse. Communication and understanding is key.”

Loreen Ling

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